The real politics of unicycling

With the recent discussions about Unicylists for B&C and the long retired thread regarding the I Unicycle I Vote bumpersticker I was pondering the sheer absurdity of the “unicycle vote”. Its almost as absurd as the “clown vote”. With all the special interests out there what politician really cares about the unicyle vote?

Bicycling has its politics for example, Bicycle Advocacy groups have helped with multi-use trails, cycling lanes, bike racks and accessibility.

So, what are the issues that bring us unicyclist together?

Recognition in the Olympics?

Revising local ordinances or laws to make our streets, parks, and/or side walks more unicycle friendly?

Equal access to Skate Parks?

Promotion of unicycling in Physical Education?

Passing laws making all association of unicycles and clowns illegal?

Semi-seriously, Is there a reason for the politicians to listen to us or want our vote just because we are unicyclists?

By the way, is the Uni Bumpersticker for “I Unicycle I Vote” still available?

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You can always make your own at Make Stickers. Click through to Sticker Templates > Plain Bold Text. The pattern is the 10th one down on the right.

I did the original one and that’s where I got it.

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Re: The real politics of unicycling

We want this, but it’s not on the radar for politicians. Or the IOC (yet).


Yes! But to do this, we are one with the bicyclists. Generally we want the same things they do. They have lobbyists and organizations for this. Unicycling does not, except a few small groups or individuals here and there.


That might be nice, but I don’t think anyone is working on it. Surely not to the point where high-level politicians would take notice.


How about promotion of education? Every politician wants that, but just throwing money at education doesn’t necessarily improve things. While the USA could use a stronger emphasis on physical fitness, unicycling is only an optional part of that.


No. We have no lobby. Sorry, I’m giving deadpan answers. I think the people making the other threads are just having fun.

Re: Re: The real politics of unicycling

From one perspective, I disagree. I believe that it is beneficial to be considered separate from the bicyclists in certain situatuation. When it comes to riding on sidewalks, for example. Individual unicyclists have the ability to change ordinances, or at least the interpretation of the ordinances when it comes to riding on the sidewalks or other locations where bicycles are prohibited. If we raise too much awareness of unicycling, we stand a chance of getting unicycles classified as bikes, and subject to the same regulations as the bicycles.

No Wheel Left Behind!

If I whrere to lobby for something unicycling related, it would be propper legal definitions to make sure you ride your unicycle where it fits best in with the other trafic.

If I where in the us, that would soon be on the back of a T-shirt.

I think we’re too much of a minority to be considered important to politicians, in my opinion. And also are you going to want someone who offers free healthcare and good education or someone who lets three unicyclists drive on the sidewalk. That being said I’d like more respect and freedom as a unicyclist too.


My two cents:

Cent one:
I agree that unicyclists are too much of a minority to garner any political sympathy. Unicyclists looking to become politically aligned should seek to join an existing group with similar interests: bicyclists! Our two-wheeled friends are fighting many similar fights, the most important (I believe) being access to public transportation and the building and maintenance of public pathways and parks for wheeled use.

Cent two:
Motivated unicyclists should make their presence known locally. In the Santa Cruz area (my wheeling grounds) local and county ordinances do not make specific references to one-wheeled vehicles. While I meet many friendly drivers who let me ride the bus, I meet some unfriendlies who leave me sitting by the side of the road at 10 at night, wondering if I’m going to have to ride the 8 mile trip home on a 24" wheel. Not cool.

If the administration-that-be had some sort of policy regarding one-wheeled vehicles, I wouldn’t have to wonder if I should worry about a ticket when entering the local skate park (only bicycles are denied entrance), or if I can take my uni on the bus. The motivated unicyclist can work with local authorities to enact such policies, closing the gap between existing policies and those required for a one-wheeled-world :slight_smile:

Try Avery labels # 8938 Ink Jet T-shirt Transfer. It’s easy and if you have a good color printer then even photos are possible. I did more than 20 labels (dual-sided shirts) for the Fall Unicycle Ride East/Central US.:smiley: :astonished:

Good God, how timely does it get? :smiley:

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Do you think photographs of John Kerry windsurfing when he should be out campaigning for president will hurt his chances of being elected?

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Dear John:

Don’t underestimate Kerry’s unique and ingenious campaign strategy. Few politicians in the recent past have seen the wisdom of utilizing the windsurfer vote. If Kerry can spark a big windsurfer turnout in November, he just may upset Bush. Look for Kerry to go after the unicyclist, hang glider and hot air balloon vote in the coming weeks. You read it here first.

You just can’t help yourself can you?:wink:

That was not political. It was simply part of my periodic search of unicycle mentions in articles and it seem more appropriate here than in the “But wait there’s more…” thread.

I have exhibited remarkable restraint for the past 4 days, 13 hours, 25 minutes, and 17 seconds.

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