The "RARE" chain driven unicycle on Ebay

My new life’s motto! Thanks, Anthony.


OK, obviously, Anthony is suffering from a severe case of “verbatim literalitis”, an ailment which causes its victims to experience undue stress compiled by an increased inability to recognize irony, sarcasm, and just plain silliness. The only known remedy is a sort of aversion therapy, which involves prolonged exposure to the “Just Conversation” portion of this forum. As with most ailments of the common sense, early detection and diagnosis is vital, and prognosis is good to excellent when treatment is begun immediately, or at least within the first or second stage of ironic depletion, and of course, before metastasis and/or encephalitic spongiformication has set in.

Oh, yeah, I nearly forgot…

Anthony, you’re ridiculous! Today is Friday.

Re: The “RARE” chain driven unicycle on Ebay

On Wed, 28 Aug 2002 11:03:13 -0500, sendhair
<> wrote:

>Well, it’s rarely common, so, yes! Common sense is rare! Such rarified
>sensitivity as yours should be more common, Klaas. I sense that
>commonly, people are rarely sensible about common rarities. Just look
>back at all the threads about the common nonsensical comments that
>Unicyclists rarely escape, commonly driving them out of their senses.

That comment made a lot of sens (6, actually).

Klaas Bil