the rains are coming.... so are slippery pedals!

Well we have had some pretty awesome good weather for the rainy west coast of Canada in the last few months but the rains are definitely on the way now. This morning we took a little two hour jaunt on our uni’s in the grey drizzel. As has happened a few times in the past when the drops from the sky have hit, my skateboard shoe has slipped off my Wellgo BMX medal pedal.

This usually happens, suddenly, unexpectedly and only occassionally right after a free mount… but it is disconcerting to have a foot fly right off the pedal just as I’m about to get riding away.

How 'bout your uni’ers across the pond… you must ride in the rain a lot. Any suggestions for staying on the pedal when your trainers are wet?

BTW, my big platform Wellgo pedals don’t have pins but they do have metal nubs that poke out, less dangerou than pins but meant to provide some of the same grip… hummm, I wonder…?


Get pedals with real pins, like the Shinburgers.

The Shinburgers don’t have pins, just sharp gashing teeth.

Get pedals that have nasty sharp threaded set screws. Metal nubs don’t have any grip when it gets wet. Gotta go for the set screws.

Something like the Sun Ringle Octane pedals would be good and grippy.

The right shoe also help. Vans or the AXO/661 Dually or Filter grip well when wet (provided you are using grippy pedals).

John, are those set screws what they call ‘replaceable cleats’ in the ad that you provided the link to?

Are you familiar with the Wellgo BMX pedals with replaceable pins? Would they be a comparable pedal? (they’re the more expensive version of what I have now.)

Right now I am riding on the medal pedals with the nubs and I don’t usually use armour day to day with these pedals as I ride a lot of commuting miles. With the pedals with pins would I be taking a lot of risks to ride without leg protection or would the risks for a nicked shin be about the same as if I was riding with my nubbed metal pedals?


Here’s just a little more info that I should have added to my earlier post:

The pedals I have my eye on are sold at the Mountain Equipment Coop here in Vancouver and are called “Wellgo B-37 platform pedals”.

And yeah, it is Vans that I generally wear when unicycling.


I use the Wellgo BMX pedals with the little nubbies just fine in the rain - I think they grip better than the screw-in thingies. But I do file the little nubbies flat once in a while so that they are nice and sharp on the edges. Leg armor is not optional unless you like the sight of blood.

Yeah, the welgos are pretty decent. They are actually suprisingly similar to the ringle octane pedals.

So… would you commute around town on these pedals… here’s the catch: WITHOUT armour?

Seems like overkill to wear armour while just commuting but then again those pedals have pins… they’ll provide the necessary grip in the rain but is the tradeoff that armour must accompany these pedals whereever you ride?


on my coker I rider with pedals the equivalent of Ringle Zuzu’s, which have about 15 sharp pins per side per pedal, and never worry about my shins. On welgos I would be even more inclined to not wear armor beacause my feet would be less likely to slip off. Im sure others have different opionions.

I’ve been riding in the rain with the Wellgos and not having problems. I have greater problems shifting my foot on the pedal than having it slip off. I’ve got Vans, typically considered skateboarding shoes. They’ve got nubs on them too, which I think helps a lot. What’s the status of your soles?

Nick Hoover

I ride the wellgo pedals with the replaceable pins all year with airwalks and I don’t really have a problem. I do think the trade off is to wear the shin armour with them.

I went out and got the Wellgo B-37’s this afternoon and will give them a try (yes, I think with shin pads, at least for now). And I’m sure they’ll be the ticket when the monsoons come!

As for shoes, I always ride with Vans and have three pairs because I like 'em a lot. The soles are pretty good in all three because they wear out more slowly when you’ve got three sets! LOL

Thanks for all your feedback about pedals.



How are the Oddysey Twisted Metal pedals. Are they any good. I have the plastic version, and they are starting to wear out, so im am going to need some new pedals in a month or two.


Re: yeah

Depends on what your using them for. They work well for cokering, and Muni. but they dont last long at all for trials. I have apair of PC’s that Iv been using for 2 years, still doing great.

I have Sun Ringle Zuzu pedals on my Coker. I don’t wear full leg armor when riding my Coker (usually I wear knee pads) and I’m not worried about the pedals hitting my shins or calfs.

As long as you are riding within your abilities and not doing risky things like street trials during your commute then the risks of a dinged shin or scraped calf are no greater than when riding with less aggressive pedals.

Last month at the California MUni Weekend I got some nice pedal tracks on my calf from my pedal. I was riding around the city of Santa Cruz. I flubbed up while trying to roll up a curb and my foot slipped off the pedal. It looked a lot worse than it felt. I was not wearing my Roach armor on that ride.

The Wellgo B-37’s are good grippy pedals. MEC has a really good price on the B-37’s. $36 CAN is a very good deal. They retail for about $80 US. They have the set screws for grip. They also have two additional pins in the central area of the pedal which increases the grip. I have a pair of the Wellgo B-37’s. They’re good pedals.