the race overall world Campion Age Group 30 -39 years

Hi, i collect all race result from the 13 unicon in my age group 30-39 years.
I collect all raceplace(no Hockey, Basketball and Artistic Result), by disqualified or no paticipate get he max place + 1.

the list is:

Concratulate Robert Mager ( Team Radlos, Frankfurt a M./Germany) he is the really Race Overall World Champion in my Age Group 30-39.

List of Overall Racing Points per Age Group and overall

Hi Peter,

I attach the official list of Overall Racing Points per Age Group and Overall as a PDF. The calculation was done with Andy Cotter’s UCP, which is the official UNICON Administration program since many UNICONs.

In the age group U40 it is Stefan Schmid from Switzerland and not Robert Mager (he is rank 6) who has most points, you most have mixed up your results somewhere. Looking this up in all of the PDFs most have been a horrendous work. In UCP I just click a few buttons :roll_eyes:

The overall world race champions at UNICON XIII were:

  • Kobayashi, Seisuke from Japan
  • Fronhoffs, Nicole from Germany

rptRaceResultsCompiledPointsDetail.pdf (28.2 KB)

really all race winner list from 30 to 39 years


great, this List had i wish me last week,
with this list had save me a lot of work.

I would like now who came the people to the Overall racing Place,
then i made the my list attribute to Overall racing Place.
then I mad my List complied with all Races (not only 6)
My created list is the really all race winner list from 30 to 39 years.

I Think the name Overall racing Place on our list is not correct, then his include only six race not all 21 races.

By ours Dresdner Unicycle Day is the 10k whit include.

The results that Franz attached use the rules from the IUF Rulebook - which only calculate the results from the 100, 400, 800, One Foot, Wheel Walk, and Obstacle Course. And of course, it uses the rule that 1st place gets 8 points, 2nd place = 5 points; 3rd=3; 4th = 2; and 5th place = 1 point.
See sections 2.15 and 2.16 in the IUF Rulebook for the details.

IUF Pres

is not the problem, franz list ist correct,

i ask franz for this list more then one time,
he dont give this Information before,
this is the reason this i create a list to check the Overall Racing Points.
after my work, i complied this list with all competiors and all 21 race result.

I found my list is much better for all competitors and best for all round Competitors exsamples: Tony Melton(14) make five first places in my age group, Martin Schmid (8) get no Expert Points or Julian Orbach (39) he make only 1 race.

Peter, you seem to have a problem with your spam filter or something …

I sent you the overall racing points list as a WORD *.rtf file last Saturday at 10:13am. That’s nearly a week back. I also sent you an email explaining and referencing the rules that Connie listed above as well :frowning:

This means according to the IUF Rules Stefan Schmid got most racing points in the U40 age groups.

As your kind of calculation is not part of the rulebook, you should not reuse the IUF title (overall racing champ) for your personal calculation and then honour persons with it. I suggest Robert get’s the Peter Theeg allround unicycling award or something other you come up with :wink:

Or, that the IUF should re-think its “overall racing” title. Originally we didn’t have one. I think we first added the track award at Unicon III (I think I have the trophy, but it’s in a box somewhere), but then it was only for “real” races, the 100, 400 and 1500 but not the “silly stuff.” But people like the silly stuff, so we added the main three “silly” events. But we would never add the Slow Race, for example, because it’s too subjective. We have no consistent standard for what’s a “legal” run.

Peter makes a valid point about not all races being included in the title. But I don’t think they should. The main reason they aren’t is that we want the title to represent the same set of races each time, which means they must be held each time. If you include everything, which may be rare or one-time-only events, it’s harder to compare winners from one championship to the next.

Also today’s racing is more specialized. We have three main areas now, track, road and offroad. Each requires a different unicycle. Add a fourth for the 700c category if you road race on a 36", and add a Trials uni if you want to count High Jump and Long Jump. Most people are not necessarily interested in all of these different types of riding.

To me, combined awards take away from the achievements people make in each individual event. In other words, if there was no combined title each race, and race winner, would stand on its own. The world champion of wheel walking would mean something then. So if anything, I would take away the requirement for any “combined” awards.

Event hosts are always free to add what they want, and hobbyists can always calculate the points even if they don’t. Then, we need to add more 700c races and start moving the serious racers over to that wheel size. We’ll keep 24" and 20" for casual racers and kids.