The Question of The Ages

ok, i want to get a 24 inch unicycle, i want it to be able to have a fat tire, like the schwinn 24, but i also want it to be able to have a smaller tire, what one should i get!!

also price 150 or under

What are you hoping to do with the unicycle?

Do you want one that would be good for off roading?

If that’s the case, I think upping your limit to $190 would be a great idea…here’s one that is quite popular…

As i know for $120 you can get a torkerLX that can take up to a 2 inch wide tire I used to haVE ONE AND ITS PRETTY GOOD UNLESS YOUR GOING TO DO A LOT OF HOPPING AND DROPS.
OR You could get an offroad schwinn but i dont know what price.

whatever you do, dont get a savage.


Why not a savage?Do they suck or somthing?

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)Why not a savage?Do they suck or somthing?


You almost certainly want a Nimbus or YUni. You can get them with narrow
tiers, but they can take the Gazz if you want them to. You’ll probably have
to go up to $175, but you’ll be much better off in the end, if you’re looking
for one unicycle to do both thin-tire and fat-tire riding.

If you get a cheaper unicycle, like the Torker, you have to expect that
you’ll be buying a real MUni later.

I would strongly strongly strongly suggest not to get a savage or really a schwinn. I would go with that nimbus muni for your budget

you’ll end up spending more if you get a cheap uni first. you’ll be hooked and buy another, better one soon after. my suggestion is get something, anything on a fat frame so you can trick it out as your funding replenishes itself

I’ve got a Schwinn and I’ve had no problems with it, even after I modified it by reshaping the frame to take a 700c rim + tire. Of course, I bought mine off of ebay for like 17 dollars + shipping.