the power of prehop

well i got the line but not quite the way i wanted to. i still landed the gap/drop seat out, but i landed it at a 45 degree angle instead of straight on. if i keep working at it ill get it.

I think one of the coolest trials parts of U2 is when Dan Heaton does that huge gap with Mt. McKinley in the background. I don’t understand how he can gap so far going forward rather than sideways, and with the seat in. It seems like when I try seat in forward gaps I can only get like 2 feet, since it feels like you can’t really push off of anything or get much snap in your legs. Any pointers on gapping forwards?

Congrat’s on the line, Muniracer. Did you try it seat in at all? Feedback?
i landed the same thing I did yesterday, so now I feel as if I can land 27" consistently:) . Damn! Now I need to make some more risers. And, my boxes wil;l begin to tip at about 30", so after that I’ll have to go scouting for obstacles. i also pedalgrabbed over a 27" high 2x4 (thin edge, as always), without a single dap. I did it twice before hopping practice. I would’ve done it at 32", but 32" gets hard when landing on a thin surface, and taking off of an incline. Not to mention, anything over 27" and the thing would slide away at the slightest tap. Not good. It was hard because I couldn’t tilt my uni down at all, I just had to stay perfectly on the edge. (On my first time over the beam, I did a crank flip in mid air and landed chocolate-style. Shows how bad my pedalgrap is. I’ll work on it. It’s harder than chain link fences, because of the inability to brace the wheel against the obstacle.

As for front-hops, the trick is to get your tire hanging over the edge before you take off. I myself would’ve done that gap seat out, though. I don’t think Dan does seat out, though. If it were me I’d angle my tire so it’s about 15-25 degrees from pointing at the object, and then gap, landing straight.

Mt. Rainier :slight_smile:

Interesting history about the name of the mountain I found on the web: “We must go back to 1792, at a time when Captain George Vancouver was sailing the Pacific coast in a vain effort to find the fabled “northwest passage” or a “River or the West” for the British government. On board the “Discovery” Was his friend and fellow soldier, Rear-Admiral Peter Rainier, and it was for this man that Washington’s majestic snow-capped mountain was named. As a matter of record, Peter Rainier was a grandson of Regnier, the Hugenot exile, but the name was anglicized to “Rainier”. That he fought against the American colonies and distinguished himself in this fighting is also a matter of record, which has been used as an argument in favor of changing the name of the mountain to “Tacoma”, which name, in its turn, has stirred up some heated discussions on its own account.”

Dan, where is that beach?

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Hey Trip, remember that gap I was working on at the creek? about 6’ with 1.5-2’ drop, onto the small(1’ or less) rounded rock? I got it first try yesterday. I got it perfectly too! Second try, in the air I knew I wouldnt make it, and I slammed into the edge of it and fell on my side.


good im glad.

gerble, i did not try it seat in. my style of riding is pretty much everything seat out, except skinnies and rolling hops. with all the trials i do i try to do it with minimal correction hops and such, so putting the seat in would take an movement, which i usually try to avoid. but i got the gap on my 3rd try i think. the first time i hit the corner and bailed, the second i hit right on but bailed, and third i nailed it. i do use the edge to get extra force on my hop, which really helps. i hop at probably a 30 degree angle from forwards and i was twisting a bit and trying to land straight on, but could never get it. then when i hopped without twisting, landing at a 30 degree angle, i stuck it really well.