The power of Gazz!

Check out the last little thing in this album - .

It’s not really another teaser for the movie, but rather more of a testimony to the power of the Gazz. :slight_smile: I’ve been playing around with some video editing and having lots of fun.

I figured this was worthy or r.s.u as does demonstrate some amazing Gazz-grip. I hope nobody disagrees. To those of you without Gazz’s, can your tyre do this? Seriously, I’m curious.

Video editing stuff…
I manuallly painted over the background of the image with black if anyone’s interested. I’m sure there are much better ways, but this is my way.

You may notice that the image stretches a little as it goes from the slow motion video to still frame. I couldn’t figure out why as I tried both 640x480 and the 5:4 ratio that someone mentioned to me once. I ended up just guessing the width and came only close-ish. I’ll probably make it look nicer before it goes in the final movie.

Edit - A one-year-old Gazz no less.


nice,but it sounds like you need to pull the cranx and re-grease or re-anti seaze…your choice.

how come i didnt see any snakes? your in the land of snakes man,give us the snake uni pic!!!

Yes, that was an old video. I’ve recently re-applied the stuff that come with the Profiles.

Believe it or not I’m quite scared of snakes in the wild. I’m fine with tame ones…I’ve had one around my neck, but out in the wild I don’t like them at all. At the trials comp I rode in (which was out on a farm of sorts) I was surprised at how casually they told us to look out for brown snakes around the various zones. :slight_smile:


I should have done this earlier, but here’s a picture of the example of it’s amazing grip. Note the way the unicycle is even leaning, putting more slipping pressure on it.


gazz grip.jpg

I’ve just bought a 24x3 Gazz to replace the 24x3 Duro that I had and I find the Gazz so much nicer to ride! Got up this one really steep slopeI had’t managed before, no problem! Don’t get the chance to ride many logs at all, but I feel the bounce and grip is supreme on the Gazz! Although, the othertyre was nearly bald…

I found my duro wildlife to be a little disapointing i managed a wheel spin in the deep mud i guess it was just to wet or my tyre is a little to hard?!?!?

Me too, that’s what stopped me getting up my steep slope- wheels spinning! I tried my Duro at all sorts of pressures, quite low let me grip more and was ok for bouncing, but was really sluggish on the move and snapped to the side on some side hops and landings. High was good for rolling on even-ish grass etc, but was crap for hopping and grip.

Get a Gazz tho, you won’t be disappointed! Mine isn’t that hard, but gloms over just bout anything, and is great for hopping and SO grippy!

I, for one, have been unhappy with the Gazz.

Unfortunately, the Bedford frame allows about a 1/4 inch clearance between the side of the tire and the frame. That means virtually any mud puddle I roll through locks the wheel. I like riding in mud, streams, wet fields and get annoyed when I have to avoid them.

I noticed that the Kris Holm frame has more clearance (like 1/2"), however, I am searching for a frame that has 1"+ clearance before considering using it.

Currently, I ride a 24"x2.10 tire from Walmart. For 1/10 the price, I get MUCH better mud performance. However, the tire is smaller (which means a decrease in speed). I have found the Walmart tire to be more reliable in all wet/mud situations - with my weight, strength, cranks and beginner skill level it is very easy for me to wash out the Gazz in muddy situations (imagine riding in loose sand). The Walmart “Duro” doesn’t dump Drew.

Still, I do like the “ride” of a Gazz and I have witnessed it be very grippy. And, well, it looks cool. And other stuff . . . I may try the 2.6 version later when I have extra money to waste, but today, I just put another $6.96 Walmart tire (especially since it rained today).

//will probably be riding the Gazz a MOAB

Actually it sounded to me like spokes. Check your tension and trueness. Great clip!

I myself prefer the intense 24x3.0 DH tire to the gazz. It’s got a much mor substantial tread, and gives me lots more grip. As for those who worry about their wheel spinning out, it’s you, not your tire, that’s at fault. I ride up 15% loose gravel and dirt grades on a blad trials tire. I’ve also ridden up hills where even my intense will spin, but I stay on. Just get speed, and don’t stall, or over pedal, as both will cause your tire to spin out.

At first I agreed with you.
Then, I thought about it - and I have to disagree. As you mention in your post - tire selection can make a difference. You “prefer” a tire other than the Gazz and claim it is “more grippy.”

I have found that a more narrow tire is “more grippy” than the Gazz in wet fields and mud. While it is still possible for me to overpedal the narrow tire, the narrow tire allows me to overpedal.

In summary, my experience with a different tire than the Gazz mirrors your experience with a different tire than the Gazz.


It was partly the spokes as well. The wheel was true (I have to keep it true because I have a maximum of about 1.5-2mm clearance each side) but all the spokes were too loose. That was then though, it’s good now.


Tire performance in mud is highly dependent on the type of dirt you have on the trails that you ride. On the trails I ride there is very little clay in the dirt so the mud does not get sticky. However, If I was to venture a few hours south for a ride I would be in deep doo doo. The trails down south have more clay and the mud is sticky.

For the trails I ride during the wet season my Gazz does just fine. I have no problems with mud building up on the tire. The mud is also thin enough that I’m able to sink down and get traction rather than hydroplaning on top.

If I lived down south in Olympia, Washington rather than Seattle Washington I’d be having a bad time with the Gazz during the wet season. I’d have to go for a narrower tire with a more mud specific tread.

What makes a good mud tire in one location does not always make a good mud tire in another location. Take mud tire reviews with a grain of salt unless you know that you have the same type of mud as the reviewer.

In my neighborhood there are different types of mud. Some of it is ULTRA sticky. Recently, I tried to wash the mud off of the tire, and it would not come off by spraying it with a hose and nozzle. I had to let it “soak” and still could not get it all off.

Here, a Gazz can completely lock up in less than 5 rotations.
When I say “completely” I mean “carry it home.”

PS -
I am not sure that the tire that performs well in sticky mud will not also perform better in other types of mud as well.

I’ll take the fattest tire that I can get away with. If there is no need to go to a skinny mud specific tire then I’ll go with the Gazz or some other fat tire. Why go with a skinny tire when you don’t need to?

I honestly can’t afford a gazz. the duro will be fine i hope:(

Re: The power of Gazz!

I disagree that it demonstrates amazing Gazz grip. I agree it is worthy of RSU, and it was some nice editing, but I think any fat tire could grip on a dry log like that. The Duro compares pretty closely I reckon- I’ve seen Ben grip on some angulated rocky stuff without it folding. Tire pressure and fatness would make a difference in grip, rather than brand names maybe. I am surprised your tire has so much grip left after a year, my top knobbles are almost flat in under a year (I ride on the road and footpath heaps). I am also surprised that you can get away with such minimal tire clearance, after the complaints from others about mud blockages. I’ve found the Gazzaloddi to be grippy, but it’s not magic. There are situations when it slips, for example slick wet clay, or wet wood. When you only have one point of contact it requires heaps of grip to stay upright sometimes.

The Kris Holm (taiwan version) frame has approximately a centimeter of clearance on the sides with the 24x3" Duro tire. I thought my Wilder had more clearance with the Gazzaloddi, but it is only about 1cm either side too. I find 1cm clearance to be plenty and I’ve never had any problems with it, even when my wheel was out of true. The problem with having even more clearance, is that the frame will stick out even further around your knees, and you might find your knees knocking against the frame. Joe’s MUni is an example of a home-built frame intended to give maximum tire clearance, but resulted in a knee-knocking ride.

The Duro is fine. If you can afford a Gazzaloddi, it’s a nice tire and it works well, but other cheaper tires can work well too.

I think I agree with gerblefranklin, that the rider is more at fault sometimes than the tire. I rode my 5’ giraffe along a particularly rocky section of the foreshore a few years ago, with a totally bald slick tire, only dismounting once. I tried again after sticking a 20" BMX tire on it, and I fell off many times. I was expecting the tire to make the ride easier, but I didn’t attack the terrain with the same determination and concentration that I did the first time, resulting in a slacker attempt.

Thanks Rowan, I was unaware.

I just have to power through the mud blockages. :slight_smile: It is a problem though…I have to quite regularly make little adjustments so that it will not scrape against the frame. Usually I don’t have to true the wheel but with the reasonably low pressure the tyre often shifts a little within it’s groove and I have to completely deflate it and then pump it up carefully. I don’t think that’s a problem with the Gazz though, it’s just that I notice little imperfections in trueness with my frame. I have about 1-2mm clearance each side if it’s perfectly true! I drew up plans for the frame which allowed about 10mm clearance each side but they weren’t followed. I wanted the legs of the frame to be parallel, but instead they were tapered in at the top resulting in the lack of clearance even after having the frame crimped. As a result of the tyre scraping, there’s about 1mm of frame missing each side from the friction! The tyre’s actually eaten away at the frame. Luckily I’m about to buy a Magura HS-11 from a friend and I’m getting a new frame made (by the same guy). I love my frame all except for the lack of clearance. The new one will be exactly the same colour but will accommodate the KH-size seatpost, the neck will go about 30mm higher, and the crown will not have the little grippy things on top as I don’t do any one-foot stuff on my muni. It will be beautiful. :slight_smile:

My current frame is very rigid and only 980g.


Yeah, I get the same problem, but with snow rather than mud.

I have about 2mm of clearance on each side, and the HS33 only just works! :slight_smile:

My Gazz has been great. I haslast me about, if not over 2 years now, both on and off road, but I think it is almost time for a new one - it is becoming rather slick! £30, but well worth it!!


Yes, just imagine if you were a b*ker - you’d have to agonise about spending your pennies on two of these things! As some guy commented on the street the other day (probably the most intelligent comment I’ve had) - “you must save on tyres with one of those”.

With my Kenda 2.6x24 going a bit bald after a good 500+ miles on the Onza muni, I’m thinking of getting a 3" replacement - either the Duro (Halo Contra is the same thing I believe) or a Gazz. There is about 7-8mm clearance each side of my 2.6", and with an extra 5mm each side it might be rather tight, but then I avoid riding in mud when possible, so this should be OK.

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