The positive side of being clumsy...

This morning I was playing around with my video camera and was curious about the wide screen mode. So I filmed something with it not realising that the tape wasn’t quite at the end…this morning I taped over my longest suicide mount distance! I wasn’t planning on going any longer for at least a few weeks but this changed things.

I’m guessing that the previous distance was about 1.8m (6’) and today I successfully did one at a distance of 2.3m. I’m so glad I was wearing my 661 leg armour. It completely saved my legs from what would have been a massive gash. I had only had one failed attempt out of everything I tried yesterday but today it took me about 10 attempts before I landed it.

Anyway, I’m happy now.

There’s a video at for those who are interested.

I discovered the positive side to being clumsy. :slight_smile:


free suicide mounts - 5th attempt.jpg

Very impressive!

How about trying to step off the sandwich board with your right foot instead of your left? That way your left foot would be swinging through to your natural left-foot-forward landing position. ie less airborne left foot movement, if that makes any sense. Might help, or maybe not, that’s just the way I’d approach this trick. My distance record is a mere 1m - off that rock in your garden - so I can’t really comment. :smiley:


Andrew, I what you to know, “You make me sick!” :smiley: Just when I’m proud of hopping up on a 4 1/2" box, you post a picture of yourself imitating a combination of spider-man and super-man. Does your Mom know you do crazy things like this? Also, isn’t it already past your bedtime?

Question: How do you prop up your unicycle for a suicide attempt? I assume you wedge something in your tire too, but I could not make out the props from the picture.

Really, your picture is great. Usually when you see a unicyclist flying through the air, it is because they have been launched OFF. Rarely do you see them flying through the air to get ON! Amazing! I am once again, totally humbled.

I’ll go back out to my little 4" box now. --chirokid–

I did consider that but I feel uncoordinated when jumping with my right foot. Although your method makes sense, I don’t. :slight_smile: Your one off the rock looks great…very smooth. And you didn’t try any of these longer ones. I think you’d be better at it than me.

Thankyou very much. But don’t be fooled…I had about 10 attempts at this at least before landing it and the landing was pretty sketchy anyway. Plus I didn’t really do a proper suicide mount this time…I grabbed the seat. I managed proper ones the other times but not at this distance. Hopping up onto a 4 1/2" box is impressive…you’re doing it on a unicycle…keep up the good work.


Looks painful. You’ve convinced me to not suicide mount for the next 10 years of my life.

Impressive, your too kind.

So, how do you prop up the unicycle for a suicide attempt? --chirokid–

Man that was awesome! its really smooth too. I think you could even set the record for farthest suicide mount didstance if you worked on it. It almost looked effortless.

No! I haven’t hurt myself ‘that way’ at all after almost two years of unicycling now…but yes, you should probably wear leg armour for this.

Oh, yes…sorry. I made that little mini sandwich board particularly for this. It’s a normal sandwich board without the sheets of wood on the side - just the planks and hinges. You put the tyre in there and add one little stone between the tyre and crown of the frame and another behind the tyre…then you need a little patience.

I didn’t realise the was one. Believe me, if all those awesome unicyclists out there tried this they’d be far far better than me. :slight_smile:


There isnt but im sure you could set one becaue that jump almost looked effortless for you, im sure you can make a record worthy jump.

Here’s your answer:

andrew_carter also posted a pic in this thread showing how his uni was propped up. it’s about the 3rd post down.

Those pictures helped me see exactly how Andrew props his unicycle up. Thanks Toddw9. --chirokid–

Now that you know how to do it. I fully expect a report back tomorrow saying you can do it!

I will need to check that all my insurance(s) are paid in full prior to this self-inflicted injury. But I will keep you posted. :smiley: --chirokid–

I triple dog dare you to do it!:stuck_out_tongue:


Please change your avatar to spiderman or Batman or Zorro…somthing more appropriate. That’s an outstanding photo.

Thanks. Looking back at it though, I was I’d have set the camera to ‘backlight’ so the foreground was lit up a bit more. I guess I’ll just have to try again soon…maybe try for a longer jump. :slight_smile: I also plan to try some longer distance reverse suicide mounts (180 degree turn in the air before landing) and side suicide mounts and things like that.