The [Pöham] Brothers

my brother and i filmed the last days a lot, in the afternoon and also in the evening. Elias is 14 years old and i (Raphael) am 12 years old.


please comment!

That was good, many creative stuff such as hopping up the three set then a rolling wrap. But I didn’t like the still camera :stuck_out_tongue:

ah, crazy vid’, really like your ride!


That was so good. You guys are awesome.

I hate how all these awesome street and flat riders are good at trials too and then they say they never even have to practice. Do you guys actually practice trials as well as street and flat?

Nice skills. I liked the video, and the editing was slick.

Great song, pity it’s been used by so many people already.

Sweet! It must be nice to acually go out and ride instead of just riding in your basement.

I like how you are combining street and flatland, and trials and flatland.

i ride not so much trials i’m more the street and flat typ!
my brother ride much more trial than i. :roll_eyes:
(sorry for my bad english)

that was awesome fellas.
you guys are going to be SOO good one day.


you have two brothers, and all three of you are soo good at unicycling! :jealous:!

That was awesome, some really good flat stuff. Good job!

very nice boys. i enjoyed it alot

inward varial was my fav trick

great vid, really liked drop to wrap roll and side hop to wrap roll you’re inventive

keep it up

– bobousse

yeah!!! The Vid is so cool!!! :astonished:

the only thing is that there are a lot of creativ stuff…I think it’s to much!

(Sorry for my real bad english)

nice vid. nice music.

very nice :astonished:
i really like your style!!!:slight_smile: :astonished: :slight_smile:

your guys’ vids are always sick, this is no exception.

where is that, looks like a sweet place to ride!

Really cool video Raphael, its cool how you guys are so good at trials aswell…congrats on the 5 pallets. It was sweet when you and your bro both did a hickflip of that little ledge.

Only thing was you went a bit too much on the black & White and then back to colour.

But really sweet video:)


Very entertaining video. Major drops combined with very nice tricks. I would like to see some of the bloopers :stuck_out_tongue: Nice style though

you guys are incredible for 12, im jalous