the PMS support thread

Who else has it? You know, Post Munifest Syndrome. Surely I’m not the only one who feels jaded about not getting to muni for five hours today. Dang responsibilities! :stuck_out_tongue:

But hey, you live in SANTA CRUZ! The home of CMW '07! I’m planning on driving up there in a couple weeks to do a LOT of Muni! Maybe I’ll see ya there.

I can’t decide what pains me more… not riding muni today or not playing disc golf today. At least I’ll get to make it to the climbing gym tonight!

Think about it this way, though… your “responsibilities” pay for all your shiny new toys. My “responsibilities” just bought me a half-dozen new golf discs! Go me!

I haven’t been able to muni for over a week, but I’m almost amunie to it now. but dam do I miss it :frowning:
But Its at LBS do get patched up so it will last another week, then second KH puchace! :slight_smile:

Since I didn’t put in as many MUni miles at MMF as I would have liked, I’ve been riding every day on my local trail just to get my MUni fix!

Plus, I actually gained about 2-3 pounds, most likely because of eating mostly fast-food while in Moab, not to mention the almost 24 hours of rountrip driving where I was just sitting on my butt! :astonished:

Qu-Ax finally sent me cranks for my cool 24x3 Qu-Ax Light ISIS muni. They didn’t make it in time for Moab, but I was able to put them on as soon as I got home.

Which means I had to go and test it out…