The Planned Dismount

I was explaining some of my modest unicycling progress to a friend and he asked what kind of cool dismounts I knew.

Of course, I know the Kiester, the Wrist, the Knee-Elbow combination: all UPDs (Thanks Krashin Kenny for explaining the acronym ‘UPD’ to me).

But I did think it was a good question. Much of the emphasis in the level system is on mounts, but I haven’t seen many interesting planned dismounts.

Any ideas? Any pictures or vids.


I know of one that’s easy, and looks pretty awesome.
you come to a stop, and take reach down and grab the wheel. then you step off the pedals, pull the wheel up, and let the seat swing underneath the wheel and catch it when it comes up on the other side.

this one and this one (both done by Trevor Schofield) are the coolest dismounts I have seen.

Thanks, Mr. Potter and Leo.

I’ll try the one involving grabbing the tire, the backflip dismounts that Leo linked us to are phenomenal. Thanks!


It would be even cooler if he could land and catch the uni before it falls over. Could be that it isn’t possible because it falls over pretty quickly once he jumps off.