The Pin Point Hop Competition

im in to

well, i thought of it, and before i posted it, i worked on it for 1.5 hours and got it, then i posted this, so yea, i did it a little bit before the post. and lol, i dont know, the three ran away :stuck_out_tongue:

Yea, but you need to do it again, and send in a video, if you can find the rail you did it on a while ago, tht would be fine. :smiley:

where is your video?

im working on getting a camera to record it. so your just going to have to trust me till then

ok then, but if someone posts a video before you… well then…

im in (I THINK)

2 in and 1 ft high?
balancing for 5 seconds isnt bad though


that was about 3 seconds
according to the time of the movie
and you have to start a foot and a half away

Well, according to the rules you posted, you cant have the trophy, so uh, try not to make exceptions for yourself.

I wouldnt count that. I counted it a few times, and you were on it for maybe 4 seconds, close to 5 though. And you looked to close to the ‘rail’.

Close though, so go film again quickly and win this comp.

oh yeah i forgot about the 1.5 feet away thing lol haha ill film it again tomorrow

Haha this is so stupid, I thought you couldnt have done it befor this competition and that you have to post a video of you doing it before you can use the trophy. Why have you got the trophy in your sig when you landed it before you started the thread and havnt even posted a video. Thats like starting a 100m race were you have already walked 99m and just need to step over the line to “win” whilst everyone still has to run the 100m. You should be disqualified from the competition because you have already landed it and you shouldnt be able to use the trophy.

great job!, you get the trophy once u get 1.5 ft. away, u can copy and paste it, but u wont get color, or you can recreate it

+1 I quit.

i dont want the trophy!

ok,everyone on this thread, im sorry for taking the trophy since i did it before i started the competition, so i got ride of it, and hope everyone gets back at it. sorry

hhahahah a patch of concrete opened up near my house for about a day then closed back up…

got to work on freestyle junk for about an hour before my nose started to fall off…