The Pin Point Hop Competition

Hey, this isnt a very hard competiton but i thought it would be fun.


  1. You must hop from 1.5 ft away onto a rale no more than 2 inches wide and at least 1 ft tall.
  2. Then you must balance on it for 5 seconds and hop off and ride/
  3. If you do this, then you get this trophy.

)—P[COLOR=“YellowGreen”]I[COLOR=“Lime”]N [COLOR=“Red”]Point Hop’s[/COLOR][/COLOR]—O[/COLOR]

i’m soooo in…

oh crap…didn’t read the 1ft tall rail rule…taht’d be tougher than i thought, and to be frank i don’t knwo where i could find such a rail…so we’ll see.

haha, yea, it may seem easy, but it has its tough points. I just made this because i have the perfect rail in my back yard :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m in. Could I use the skinny end of a 2x4? It is less than an inch wide.

there, got my signature right :D, im not sure how to do the html thing for the trophy’s, so you can just copy and paste(you wont get color), or do you signature, and recreate it with the colors.

yea, 2X4 will work, but is it a foot high?

Yep! I’ll have to do this tomorrow.

yea, than that will work fine

im in


sounds good, I hope you get it!:smiley:

I don’t get this, normally these competitions are for people who have never done a trick before and they start when a few people have signed up for it. You have claimed the sig for a competition you have set up about an hour after first announcing the competition.

One other thing, what happened to rule 3 in your rules at the top?


Not bothering with this competition

im in. i’ll do it this saturday

If I can find a rail like this I’ll do it in the next couple days.

i did it on a 18" high rail a long time ago
does that count?

your supposed to post a video of you doing it. If you just say you did it the trophys meaningless. Anyone could lie and say they did it

i know, but if the person has already done it they have to be ineligable, otherwise its pointless.

This website says the skinny end is 1 1/2". But I think that 1 1/2" would be a more appropriate width…a 1" rail will be nearly impossible to come by.

I haven’t done much trials stuff but i’m in…

wonder how long it will take me to learn this when i don’t have anywhere to ride untill mid june… :roll_eyes: