The Pen is Mightier

In case some of you have not heard Kryptonite and other round barrel style locks have a major design flaw, you can open them with the blunt end of a pen.

theres a link to a pro write up on the subject

If your like me your $90 lock is now worthless.

Ah that sucks! good thing i dont have one. They should have to give you a new one. A bic proof one. Good thing the guy who stole your wheel did know that.

Nick (shadowuni) Must remove the krytonite sticker from his MUni frame like right now.

I’ve heard the company’s already working on a new version.

In a very strange turn of events, it was also discovered you can bust open a Bic pen with a Kryptonite lock. Very weird.

A radio piece on this said that Kryptonite IS replacing locks.
I guess I will try to call and find out if that is true.

/has 2 locks

I just called Kryptonite
437 Turnpike St
Canton, MA 02021
Phone: (781) 828-6655 (opted for customer service)

They told me that on WEDNESDAY they will post directions on their website related to “exchanging/upgrading/replacing” the faulty locks with new ones.

Hopefully the company will take the loss on this one and replace the locks charging the user for shipping both ways.


Looks like they got quite a spike in traffic. I’d hate to be their site admin:
Alexa Ranking for their site :slight_smile:

/buys guaranteed stuff like Kryptonite, Profile, CrossMax by default

The video shows the U-shaped inflexible steel lock, and the Kryptonite site calls them “tubular cylinder” locks, but are any of the other styles compromised? I haven’t had a chance to look at my lock (in the garage somewhere,) but I do know it’s a flexible cable type by Kryptonite.

the irony of the situation is that these locks are only now worthless because this video has been leaked.

if the guy that had first noticed it could be opened with a pen kept his mouth shut he might have saved himself 90 bucks.