The Pedespeed Uni-Skate: Has Its Time Finally Come?


Nice name, kudos and G_d speed.
an aside: the small wheel in back disqualifies it from being an unicycle device:(

I thought the wheel on your left foot put an end to the unicycle aspect of such a thing. The training wheels might take some of the “fun” out of such things for people like us unicyclists, but I’m sure they make the device much more accessible to a larger market, which would be required for the product to be successful.

But they’re going to be expensive if they’re built as described on the web site. Hand-laid carbon, like a high-end carbon bicycle, is going to be pricey so these will not be like the Razor scooters of tomorrow.

Watching the videos makes me wonder, why such big wheels? Sure being able to go over significant bumps and on dirt is a cool thing, but the size of the wheels seems a bit cumbersome compared to the 4-wheeled skates that would be the competition.

unicycles for both feet

The right foot has a unicycle and the left foot has a unicycle.
The Chariot wheel with the little wheel in back makes it a “PennyFarthing” for each foot.

by the by G_d willing I’ll plan on showing up for the Oct 27 unicycle at Donner/Truckee area :slight_smile:

I’m working on making a 48" unicycle. A few years ago I rode a Coker with custom cranks at 240mm.

unicycle for each foot from early 1900’s video vintage

Italy 1900’s on one wheelers :astonished:
From: 4 Guido
Location: Bologna Italy

That makes two wheels and one rider. Like doing “stilts” with two unicycles, it’s pretty easy to just stand in place. Still cool from a unicyclist’s point of view but definitely not unicycling.

That would be cool. Please note it will be Sept. 25-27 (sorry, just fixed a typo on the web site). Hope you can still make it, and bring some samples along if you have them!

That old film clip was really cool. Those skates look like the pair Al Hemminger used to have (probably still has) They had hard-tire wheels of similar dimensions, and were designed to clamp onto your shoes. The wheels spun very nicely and they looked well-made. But he didn’t know how old they were, or anything much else about them. Do you know the age of that film clip? Judging by the quality of the filming and the car in the background, I’d guess late 1920s, or 30s at the latest. I don’t know enough about Italian clothing or hair styles to get any data from that… :slight_smile: