The Pad Queen

Can anyone beat this? I wear:

skate helmet
elbow pads
wrist guards
padding cycling shorts with extra padding for my tailbone
knee/shin guards
ankle wraps

I have never fallen onto my hands & knees and only fallen backwards a couple of times while learning.

Wow, thats pretty much everything you can wear…
I just use my helmet and shin guards.

wow, doesn’t it take you FOREVER to get ready to unicycle?

i wear a bmx helmet all the time
i wear shin guards if i’m trying tricks and doing crazy things or going for long rides
i wear gloves for long rides

that’s about it.

i jus wear my shin guards, thats it =p

i doesn’t wear anything:p but i’m going to buy gloves, knee and shin guards and a helmet :sunglasses: and thats it

I wear a kayaking life jacket to protect my back when I practice Wheel walking in addition to the helmet and extremity padding.

I’ll bet that’s quite a site to see… Haha, but it is a good idea.

I wear a helmet when im riding mUni,the rest of the time i dont wear any pads. I’m considering getting some shin pads though, pedal bite sucks.

That pretty much “covers” it! I wear the same stuff, but my elbow pads are actually 661 arm-guards with the elbow built in. Gloves under the wrist guards.

When I sprained both wrists my first year of riding (frozen ground, it was) I wore double wrist guards for quite a while.

I’m at:

Bike Helmet
Cycling Gloves
Padded Cycling Shorts

I’ve seen people that have worn full on face masks before, though, and companies sell actual body armor for cycling.

One time at a downhill race i wore shin pads and a full upper body 661 race jacket and a full face helmet with gogles for style.

I can beat it with a baseball bat!

I used to wear all that stuff (apart from the elbow pads) when I was learning. Even when I was inside the gym.

Now I don’t wear anything whilst in the gym (apart from the usual clothes ofcourse).

Whilst road riding I wear helmet and wrist guards - padded shorts (and camelbak) if going over 4 miles or so.

For xc/MUni I wear 661 leg pads too.

And sometimes if the wrist guards and leg pads have got their velcro stuck together it takes forever to separate them.


i’m getting 661’s at the BUC. and i’ll be wearing a helmet.

i just wear 661’s for my legs.

I think Podzol is winning! I thought that a back protector was about the only thing digigal hadn’t mentioned, but a life jacket is even more extreme:D

I never usually wear pads and helmet, but last week for the Snowdon ride (my first experience of muni on an actual mountain) I wore a cycle helmet, wristguards, knee pads, and soccer shin-pads with ankle protection. I’m glad I did, as feeling safer made me feel that I could ride faster without worrying so much about the consequences! I think I will continue to wear at least the helmet for normal riding, just in case.

that’s nothing you can get a armour suit that covers all by your feet head and hands :smiley:

I think I’m one of the few people who usually wears elbow pads for muni. I wear padded cycling shorts, helmet, shin/knee pads, wrist guards and elbow pads. I’m usually more padded up than most people on a ride - I’m a bit of a pessimist and think far too much about falling, and my local trails are very rocky.


clean me

Good one. I like that … Don’t know if I’ll ever try it.

You know the “float noodles” people use in swimming pools?
I slice off a half inch off the noodle and stick them under my wrist guards on my palms. It makes for a cushy landing. It really came in handy when I was learning how it skateboard.

I use all the pads on the tough trails. I’m a stinky mother fo.:frowning:

Last week I thought I didn’t need any pads. I went to the park I fell off a small wall and hurt my knee and hand . I was out for the week.

Stay safe and stinky. It’s the best health insurance.

I got to go wash my pads.

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