the other vid!

a movie from some clips i had on my pc:


Very random start, and the skipping of songs annoyed me, then I saw it was over 7 minutes long, so closed it :stuck_out_tongue: Sorry. Seriously, it could have been edited so much better, and shorter. Try to stick to under 4 minutes at least.

The still stand at the end credits was crazy long and high, how did he dismount that.

Audio annoyed me, some good bits in there… i was tempted to close it when some of the bits i classed as crap went on a bit long… i stuck it out near then end and closed it tho.
But it doesnt matter… if you think it all fitted in well then thats all that matters - when i’m doing a movie i do it so i am happy with it, so i guess everyone is the same… why would someone post a vid they thought wasnt the best they could do???
Everyone has different tastes… keep up the riding dude!

i realy liked your vid and instead of the respons above me i liked what you did with the music.

keep on going like this.
great stuff with the ‘‘old’’ men.

Really good still stands & skinnies.

The old folks home bit was funny.

Changing the music back and forth for the different types of riding was cool, but could have been done better.

A bit too long IMO.

too long.
lame music

good riding though.

try to make it a highlight reel of the riding you are doing. and keep it as short as possible while still having the clips you NEED in the video, after all, it is a video and not a movie.

…i like how this vid splits the opinions… :stuck_out_tongue:

…and again, just some clips, i diden’t use in other vids, i diden’t put a lot of work in it…just tried to make it different from all the other vids there are around…

…our uni-team will make a real unicycle movie in fall or winter…

I liked it mostly because it had originality. Thought the bit in the wheelchair was creative and witty, and the the still stands were amazing! Did you drop from that swing set after the camera cut off?

really nice high skinnies. not a fan of the music, but u can never please them all with the music:p

…no i didn’t drop from the swing set, i’m not a friend of big drops because i love my uni and my body and don’t want to hurt them, so i jumped of the uni to the ground. i figured out how to to it without hurting my self or getting hitted by the uni :smiley:

Loved it!
Keep making them like that!

A matter of opinion I guess.

I’ve seen an online uni vid that was like 15 min long that didn’t seem too long, but that was very well made - riding, editing, etc.

Some fast forward would have made this one more fun IMO:o