The Other Big One

I know these have been around some, but I just assembled mine.

GB4 custom frame
Surly Large Marge Rim (it’s huge)
DT Swiss black spokes
KH/Onza Hub/Crank set - 165’s
Nokian Tube Presta Valve
Intense DH/EX/60 24 x 3 tire
Magura HS33 brake
Intac rail seat post
Odyssey Clamp
KH Fusion saddle

The Components:

The Rim

The Wheel:

Finished Uni:

That rim looks FAT :astonished:
Is it fatter then the KH freeride rim?
But anyway nice uni :sunglasses:

Wow, that is beautiful. The little bit of dirt on the new tire just seems to complete it.

EDIT: Probailer, yes it’s super huger than the KH rim, or any other rim for that matter. I’ve ridden the 26" LM/Endomorph at Moab, and I saw it on a bicycle at a local bikeshop.

BTW, I haven’t heard a whole lot about the Intense DH. Were do you get it, how much, how does it compare to the Duro?

How wide is the LM??

That’s a pretty spectacular muni! I would love to have one of those in 26" with the big Surly tyre, it would be perfect for the sandy trails where I live.

I was wondering why you went for the Intense tyre too, instead of the usual Gazz or Duro. Any particular reason?

Got it from Alfred E Bike $40. I haven’t tried it on the trail yet. It’s tread is alot like a Gazz. Maybe a little rounder. I was getting the rim and other items there and it was the only 3" tire they had so I thought I’d take a chance and try something different. I have a Gazz and a Duro on other Munis.

who built the wheel? is it a stockton (livewire) custom? or did you do it?

nice uni though :slight_smile:

wow that is awesome. when it comes out in 24" size you should totally get the endomorph (sp?) tire. that is one pretty MUni though. How much does it weigh?


Mornish…I think your confused…

  1. Pdc’s is a 24" not a 26"
  2. The endomorph tire is 26" not 24"


ive never seen a large marg rim before…thats HUGE! have you test driven it yet? let us know what its like.

i saw somewhere that the endomorph was coming out in 24" SIZE SOMETIME SOON. (sorry for caps im too lazy 2 get rid of them)

haha trials uni i think you’re confused

he know’s pdc’s is a 24 and is speaking of the TIRE coming out in a 24", not the rim

frame is too scrawny, too much clearance, makes uni look bad, but still goooooood

im pretty sure that I saw that the 24" endomorph was coming out on ebay where im pretty sure that frame was. im not sure.

yup… shes a keeper


Like the simple color scheme a lot. The LM rim seems to be the way of the future for super rough hardcore DH. I’ll have to consider it seriously when i get enough money- and live in a place where there are enough trails to justify it.
thanks for the pics- give us a review on how the rig goes once you’ve taken it for a bash,

Really sweet. Is that the frame that was on ebay a coupla weeks ago?