The 'Other' Arm

I have now learnt to static hop.
Over some time, more so now that i can static, i have felt my right arm getting stronger.
Just wondering what you people do out there (if anything) to even up this strengthening to your other arm?
Thanks people:)
EDIT: I mean, what do you do to keep your other arm from being smaller than your hopping arm?


The difference isn’t going to be noticable to anybody but you. But if your still insecure about it, trying lifting dumbells with the opposite arm or learn to use your left arm to hop as well. And switch back and forth.

I guess you could be right there - still, to eliminate the feeling of having a weaker arm i might invest in the dumbells.
Hopping with the other arm isnt an option at the moment… i find it a little hard still getting used to my right arm, i’m almost there tho;)

thats wot u think :stuck_out_tongue:

when i flex both arms one looks puny next to the other. Mind you it was that way after years of badminton i guess the unicycling hasnt helped.
In fact both arms just side by side one looks puny just without flex.

Personally i dont care but there we go.

sorry for my newbie responce… but what is a static hop. i’ve heard of it before, but never learned the meaning.

hopping in place. :stuck_out_tongue:

kinda like a prehop? :thinking:

not always, it is also an easy way to idle. Just hop up and down like a pogo stick.

o… i see… it’s kinda like a pause in a trials or street line… right?

Hehe, that is what i do as i cant idle - never really tried to learn either:D

thanks for all the info
mill mobile…
srry for the thread jack

No need to apoligise - i know what it’s like to wanna learn and am glad that my thread helped you learn something new:)

your welcome guys! :smiley:

And maybe playing a little too much with the shuttlecock as well? Hmm? :wink:

hahaha :astonished:

Hahahaha, sig’d :slight_smile:

So true that is. People should learn to use their opposite hand for shuttlecock just like uni because if I hurt my right hand I don’t wanna miss out on anything =p… I can actually hop basically the same using right or left hand and hopping toward my left or right foot. Always left foot forward though. It dose come in handy having that skill in trials because you can’t always hop in a circle to adjust My left hand right crank back stalls are kind of bad though I find it harder to get to rubber and be accurate. On the other hand I am learning pedal/crank grabs to rubber on rails.

I find it especially important for muni to be able to alternate the front foot.

I know what you can do;) eh eh eh

If you don get it then your not old enough to be told lol:p