The Oregon has arrived!

Just ordered mine :stuck_out_tongue:

FYI, they’re super busy and still unloading the container, so be patient and be nice.

I heart UDC, Josh, Taralyn, Amy :smiley:

I now I saw. I was writing a thread just likethis but ya beat me to it :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s verrrry nice…Worth the price??

Oregon in Algerian!?

P.S. Nice muni.

I want that. So beautiful. And I dont even ride muni… I want, I want.

More information later… but the products are going up on all the UDC’s websites. We should be able to ship from most UDC’s tomorrow or early on next week. Although please be patient with us and if you don’t see the product on your UDC site… then just wait a few days and you should see them.

The UK stock can be seen in the New Products tab:


oh…my gawd


Now that is one SEXY uni

I got to talk with Josh about the Oregon, so here’s some more info to tempt the palate:

Nimbus ‘Venture2’ ISIS Cranks, 7000 series Alu, increased durability, modeled on tensiles

2011 KH Grab Handle and Bumper

Is it worth the price?

Well, seeing as the Surly Conundrum is no longer in production and Triton is expensive, the Oregon is the only option if you want to make friends with Larry :slight_smile:

The rim and tire alone are nearly $250, then add in a brake, 7000 series alum cranks, a disc hub (state of the art) all the trimmings, and a top it off with quad stay frame, yeah, it’s well worth the price :slight_smile:

Which is why I bought one!

that is one mother of a tyre whats the need for such a beast ?

When you put it like that i have no choice but to agree!

Now…where to get a wad of cash from :smiley:

Big tires get big traction and provide big cushion.

The Larry is an amazing mud and snow tire, sorta like an ATV uni. It’s not any heavier than a Duro Leopard, but it puts the smack down all over them wimpy 3" tires :stuck_out_tongue:

It has to be tried to be believed, suffice to say that this will be my second Larry equipped muni.

UDC USA only got fifteen, no more coming until late Summer, best make the call before they’re gone…

it is a awsome looking tred pattern i suppose i would need to try one to see the benifit

Wow, at 17.19 pounds it weighs almost as much as my 36er! That’s a lot of weight to lug around on the trail. And that saddle would have to be replaced with a kh FFR. Looks like it would be fun to ride though. Wonder if you’ll have a choice of crank length, other than the long 165’s. :slight_smile:

I had a chance to ride one of these last September at the Vancouver Muni weekend. I just rode it in the parking lot at the end of the second days ride. It is a huge ride, like a big 29er. I’m not sure under what conditions I would want to ride such a beast. Everyone has there own preferences I guess.

It looks like a wildly fun over-the-top Muni. However, it is a shame UDC is selling an $800 Muni with those lousy Venture pedals. They just aren’t grippy. I didn’t even find them adequate on my non-Muni Nimbus 29 - I can’t imagine how much slip you will get with them on a Muni. If you order one of this Uni’s (which I would LOVE to do - but my wife would kill me.) swap out the pedals.

I hope I don’t sound too crabby and nit-picky. The bottom line is that even with those pedals, this Muni still makes my heart go pitty-pat (that is to say it beats wildly with longing).

I can just see you on a rocky descent on one of these. Might be a little too bouncy though! Low pressure maybe.

Sometimes UDC can work with you on customizing. I upgraded to a KH Freeride seat and got some Animal PC pedals.

Terry, I think you need to weight your KH 24 with the LM and Intense 3", it probably weighs more than you think :wink:

Also, keep in mind that this is a 26er AND that it has nearly the same diameter as a 29er, so it’s a big wheel and big ride. Your 26 guni is gonna be a tank, esp with that Ardent 2.6, that’s for sure!

I’ve done the same downhills with the Larry 26 x 3.8, Duro 26 x 3", Intense DH 26 x 2.5, Intense DH 24 x 3, and Ardent 29 x 2.4. Hands down, Larry rules the day for cushion, control, and the ability to roll over and through obstacles. It’s like a steam roller, you roll over stuff and it’s like, “whoa, what happened to the bump?”

At times it can be a lot of muni to manage, but I did my second lap of two laps in a endurance race on the Larry and I wouldn’t say that it was that much harder on that lap that on the previous lap. The cushion is so awesome, it feels like you’re gliding.

My son is all over the Larry after just one ride, told me it was okay to sell his prized KH 24 :astonished:

But yeah, $800, it’s a bunch of money for sure, you’re probably better off getting a new lap top or bigger rims for your car :roll_eyes:

The Oregon is a pretty steed indeed!

What if I were looking to customize the rotor…

If I got an adapter and a larger rotor than 160mm, can I run 185 or 203 rotors in that frame?

What is the biggest rotor that I may use in the Oregon?

Would the hub fit in other Nimbus frames?

What is the width of the hub from flange to flange or center to center on bearings?

What is the q factor measured on the Impulse and the Oregon?

What material is the spindle manufactured from?

How far from the rotor is the left hub flange?

Looking at the pictures. I don’t see an adjustable seat post. That tire would be awsome to ride. Reminds me of the 3.0 Gazz tire. I wonder if they will make one with out the disk brake?