The Onion Strikes Again


Hippie Very Involved In Hippie Non-Sports
AUSTIN, TX—According to acquaintances of the 22-year-old hippie, Chad Beresford is a frequent participant in hacky sack, frisbee, and other hippie non-sports. “Chad’s way into all that stuff: juggling, devil sticks, and yo-yo tricks,” friend Aimee Kolkos said Tuesday. “From stilt-walking to unicycling, there isn’t a non-competitive, stoner-friendly quasi-non-sport he hasn’t tried.”

The Onion Strikes Again

They forgot pogo-sticking (as opposed to pogoing, which is decidedly non-hip-pee).

i love ‘the onion’s’ ability to crawl in under the skin and bug the holy cows of our (flawed) society
that is ,after all, the function of the satirical press

it’s an interesting experience when, in your own view, they ‘lose the plot’


and how long do you think 4 guys on MUnis can stay away from competitivity? (or worse: Cokers!)