'The One'

Ok this is my first full video so go easy on me :smiley: . I have been riding for just over 8 months…

The One

enjoi :smiley:

comments are appreaciated

8 months? Impressive. I have been seriously riding for about 5 months, and learned to unispin, and do other things, so it gives me hope that i’ll be able to 360 unipsin within the next few months. Loved the video. Keep it up!

oops, i honestly havn’t seen that video, i tryed to keep it short, i see a lot of videos on here that are long and boring, id rather have it short and sweet

I thought it was a link to “the one” KOXX one movie
oh well ill give it a watch after dinner.

Good work, Levi. I still can’t 540.

Nice! I’d like it a wee bit longer, but I appreciate the whole short and sweet thing.

yeah sorry about the one thing, just call it THE UNO, lol, i haven’t seen that movie so im sorry about that…

8 months!!! :astonished: i agree w/ beeper…thats AWESOME for 8 months. ive been riding for ~2 1/2 years…prob about 1 1/2 seriousish…1 dedicated trials and about 3 month trying street stuff. i might get a video on the internet sometime, i have made them…just never uploaded them.

Don’t worry, the vid was good, somebodys just moaning.

Very good for 8 months :slight_smile: Ive been riding for like 1 year and I can’t crankflip or 270 unispin yet. I liked the vid, it was short and sweet. Keep up the good work!

Thats not nice, he didnt know…And your vids are too long Emile and your music sucks!:stuck_out_tongue:

I really enjoyed it…Very good for 8 months…I cant 360 unispin…and Ive been riding for 8 months seriously and cant.

Good Job!


Thank You Isaac, I watched the last video from you and you’re very close to 360 unispins…

ouch :stuck_out_tongue:

Non live message boards are as personal as its gona get

ya man i screwed up…