The one that got away...

Anyone else sell or lose a uni that they wish they wouldn’t have?

I had a titan 36er with a lot of good rides on it that I let go and sure miss it sometimes.

Not to mention my Giant defy bike. Not a uni but still…

Mine was my first uni, a 1972 schwinn. I contacted the family I gave it to yesterday. They think they still have it and will send it back. Fingers crossed~

I’ll let you look at it once in a while :stuck_out_tongue: Muhahahhaha!! :smiley:
…I like to hoard so I still have everything :wink:

NImbus Titan 36 Inch.jpg

I had a green 531 DB track bike back in the seventies that I regret having let go. It handled great and was an awesome hill climb machine. I sold it back to the guy that sold it to me. I guess he regretted letting it go too.

I still have the frame that I bought with the proceeds and that is also a sweet ride and treasured possession. It was stolen once and I managed to recover it. It also was lent to a friend for a few years and he was sad when I reclaimed it.

It’s funny because on both occasions I was sure I didn’t want either anymore, but when I look back on it I think, “What the hell was I thinking?”

It helps though that the Titan went to a very good home. The giant I’m not so sure about.

Killian, I was surprised when you were selling your 36er. But then again, I’m surprised when others spend a lot of money and time to build a great unicycle to just sell it a year or so later.

I tend to hold on to my bikes and unicycles. That being said, the one that got away was my first unicycle a 24" schwinn. It was stolen.

My 26" Conundrum, only because it was a good deal and now they are expensive to find.

My Redline Monocog, best riding single speed bike ever!

Perhaps my Oregon, though I’m in the process of building a similar ride in a 24 x 4" :slight_smile:

Mine, all mine…

I like to think of it as MY 26" Conundrum now. :wink: It sits beside my 27.5" Conundrum and a 24" Conundrum… (and an unbuilt 24" Conundrum frame…)… I’m a bit of a hoarder, it seems.

Kind a wish I still had my custom 29er that I bought from Nurse Ben. You all told me not to sell it, but I did. Now I want it back for fast road rides when the 36 is too much.

If anything, I’ve learned a lot from both experiences.

Luckily I feel like I’ve almost got my stable set. I can’t really foresee selling any of my current rides. Still, I wouldn’t mind adding another Titan… :smiley:

Wait…you have 4 Conundrum frames?!

aaaaaahhhhhhh!!! :wink:

Yeah… When I first tried to find a 26", I committed to buying a frame when someone else offered a full unicycle. The first 24" I was in the right place at the right time and the second one was an Internet find too good to pass up. I have a habit of mining Craigslist when I’m bored.

Mostly I haven’t gotten rid of unicycles over the years. But then I remembered – the beautiful work of art from Steve Howard, that he gave me in 2002. At that time I had a great Muni (my DM), so I decided to donate it as a raffle prize to Unicon 11. As it turned out, Unicon 11 was operating in the black, so the raffle was mostly gravy. Nooooooo! I miss Steve Howard, and his CNC-machined beauties.

Damn John talk about uni porn…

That thing is sexy!

I would like one of those in purple and pink, please!