!!! The One !!! DVD Koxx One

“The One” The new Koxx One DVD is available

With 35min of movie and an hour of Bonnus,
it is more than 90min of pure Koxx One Spirit!

Video Clips :
. Xavier Collos Street World Champion full run
. Yoggi Eiffel Power World Record
. Mayotte Team Koxx One trip
. Daiki Izumida freestyle run
. “Tous Unis” the video winner of Unicon XIII video contest
. the Koxx One factory visit
. Vincent Hermance world champion bicycle trial part
. Bryan Stevens and his BC Wheel
. U-ta japaneese video clip
. Jonathan Gagneux circus perform

. many many road trip :
Marseille // Montpellier // Toulouse // Madrid // Barcelonna // England // Slovenia // Croatia

. and many more !

All the very best of Koxx One is inside :slight_smile:



No link? I’m ready to cha-ching!

The One DVD Appetizer

Check the Appetizer !



I allready seen the movie like 10 times.
But can you tell me, Yoggi, what’s the name of the songs on the intro and on the chapter “Roadtrip spirit”?
It’s a realy nice vid, a must have DVD.

Peter M

where did you buy it?

It was on there from 31 march.
They now even got the Koxx One Black Domina ready for shipment.

Peter M

yay, i just ordered it:D

What, the dvd or the uni?

Peter M

the dvd;)haha

Ok, then.
Enjoi it.
BTW: I’m not on the koxx team or so, I just like the DVD :stuck_out_tongue:

Peter M

i know., as far as i know, you dont like the koxx unis, you love KH:p so that means youre not in the team:p

Please tell me there is no nakedness in this movie.

Yeah, i’m famous :wink:
I just don’t like the koxx uni’s because they are (in my eays) overpriced for what they are.
KH has the best uni’s for the best price.
Just a litlle hint, the first quote in my signature has something to do with the DVD, so your warned now :stuck_out_tongue:

Peter M

You cant have koxx without someone being naked. Its a given.

You mean Koxx One… :wink:
Koxx only ride trialbikes in clothing :smiley:

Peter M

Even without Yoggi, the film is made in France. Odds are there’s at least someone naked in the background… :slight_smile:

Must be the Koxx One spirit that makes them want to take off their clothes. lol

I need to order this dvd, it looks promising.

It’s good.

Peter M

Hi Probailer,

for the songs, if the intro is for you the appetizer, it’s TTC, instrumental version of the song “Dans le Club”

For the Road Trip Spirit chapter, the band is Freestylers, “Pain Killer”.

But you can see all that in the end with the credits :wink:


Thanks, sorry I didn’t watched the credits :stuck_out_tongue:

Peter M