"The One" DVD - does anyone know anything about it?

While on the Renegade Juggling web site, I saw a uni trials DVD called “The One”. The product description said the DVD will only play on a computer, it will not play on a DVD player.

Does anyone know anything about this DVD? It is not listed on UDC. Is it available in a version that will play in a DVD player hooked up to a good ol’ TV? If only available in a version that plays on a computer, how professional a DVD is it?

It is a dvd produced by Koxx-one and because it is made in Europe, it is in PAL format and in North America we use NTSC. I think that some of our DVD players over here can play PAL also, but computers definitely can.

Its as well put together as defect too, if you are in the mood for some seizures.

Yeah, quite fun if you dont mind spending half an hour on the floor having a fit and foaming from the mouth. Never had to worry about that with Defect.


word on the mouth foaming.

I’d buy Defect. To this day, it’s still probably the best DVD of unicycling there is. The One was highly disappointing the me.

Tom gave me the DVD when I was there for CMW last year. It is a pretty good vid, there is no nudity in the actual movie, only in the extra footage. I have had it play on several players, its just not quite I gurenteed to work lol, but yes, it plays fine on a computer, its a pretty good vid. The riding isn’t as diverse as Defect but still a great vid…

i wouldnt compare it to defect, but its a good watch. the theme gets a little repetitive…

Its cool, but universe 2 and Defect and a host of other movies are better.