The Old Photo Gallery

Hi folks,

I used to be fairly active here in 2004-2007. It’s a interesting to think when I first started using the internet, this is where I spent most of my time. I haven’t ridden in a long time. It says my last visit was 2010-03-17, but I don’t think I was riding much even then.

Anyway, I was wondering if anybody knew where/if the old gallery existed? Like back to 2006 time? The link to my gallery is in my sig. Or rather, it used to be the link to my gallery. Now it just directs to the main-page. I remember when I signed-in back in 2010, it didn’t work then either.

Does anybody know if those photos are still accessible? I would love to look through my gallery. I don’t have any photos from when I was riding, but I spent a ton of time riding, and had taken quite a few pictures. I’d love to see them today.

Or even if someone has access to or knows the location of the Toque 2004 (?) event in Toronto photos, if they even exist on the internet, I’d love to see that as well. They may be easier to locate than my specific photos.

If anybody has any ideas, or any info on the old gallery, it would be greatly appreciated.



PS. I’ve been using the same password for over 5 years.

Maybe Gilby can help you, he’s the only guy who might be able to afaik.

And let this be a reminder to anyone else using any “free” online resource to store their stuff. If you don’t keep your own backups, your expectations should be equal to the amount you spend on the service.

I use Dropbox, which is free for their basic plan (10 GB if you invite enough people). It’s a super-handy resource, but I don’t have any high expectations at that price; I back up all my stuff.

Hopefully Gilby can help you. I’m sure those files still exist, but if they’re mired in a database system it may be difficult to extract them without writing or modifying the database; a project Gilby may not have the time or interest for.

The main concern was : are the files still around. If it is, that is possible to offload the extraction tooling creation to other IT-versed members and be a win-Win (thanks Gibly for the great maintenance work all these years! ).