The Old Guy clears a SIX SET!

For me I started about a year hopping down curbs, then progressed to hopping down steps, then a big deal for me was to clear a 3-set. From there I pushed it to a 4-set in my first “uni-geezer” vid.

I thought I would stop at a 5-set, because before I finally landed it, I fell about 3 times on the initial landings 'cause I missed clearing the last stair. So…today I faced my biggest challenge and biggest fear to date; the dreaded 6-set! Well, at least for me!:smiley:

This was you classic sized concrete 6-set, which requires you to start your jump from about 4 feet up, and then having to project yourself more than 6.5 feet out in order to clear the last step! :astonished:

Anyway, I videotaped it plus some other cool stuff which will be in my next “Uni-Geezer” video. I should finish it and post it sometime tomorrow.:smiley: (I’m also working on a 180 “munispin.”)

You rock, man. Keep it up!

That’s awesome man, This was an interesting read. Good luck on your munispin. BTW you’re never old unless you say you are. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Thanks. Yeah I saw Miles do it on my muni, and for him it was like a Coker! So at least that’s something else to try for! And who knows, maybe a 7-set is next! :sunglasses: :roll_eyes: :stuck_out_tongue:

nah, you have to go by tens now, i wanna see you do a 16 set.

man I can’t even clear a 3 set. I’m terrible at that trials stuff.

My highest is only a 7, and I just did it once. There aren’t many stairs around here.


Wow! You have a lot of videos! Congratulations on the 6-set. It’s good to know that someone has so much heart in this sport, I enjoy watching your videos!

Nicely done, old man. I watched your videos today and may I say that you don’t look a day over 40.

Next you just have to learn how to grind a rail on a 6 set.

haha! In my next life:D

Never say never.


Myself I can’t imagin jumping down a set but I have had dreams about riding down a series of sets of stairs to the subway in Boston where my Mom lives. There are 12 sets of 12 stairs for 144 with about 8-10 feet between each set. I’ve also dreamt of hopping up all 144 w/o a rest or UPD.

:stuck_out_tongue: hahahaha

Funny you mention that! There’s a house close by with a wooden staircase facing the street, stretching all the way down and there has to be at least 150 stairs or maybe more! I’m gonna ask the homeowner if I can hop all the way up in one go!

Man you’re up late! I’m at a party and boared.

I’d say definately do it on your trials. Lower speed and hight UPD’s. Plus just plain better control.

Here’s a few snapshots of the set. the first two only show part of it,and the third one shows the whole set, but to fit it all in view it’s really far away! If it looks almost straight down, that’s because it is!!!


2nd shot…that’s only about HALF of it!


entire set! it’s waaay in the background…see it?


Dam! That would be tough to do all in one shot! You’d need lots of endurance.

Then again maybee your KH with it’s break 165’s and a slightly lower seat hieght, etc.

I’d probably try it first on my trials and just do a step at a time, but with no pauses or set up hops in between. I figure 2 per second would get me up about 120 steps per minute. Yeah, helluvan endurance test! :astonished: Whoa Sh##t! It’s almost 2:30 am!!! I gotta hit the hay…cya laters…

Same I haven’t got any stairs to try to ride down :frowning: