The Official Trials/Street Unicycle pictures thread

Here are my unis that i mostly use or used to use

KH 2007:

all stock except:
cf seatbase
Point b77 pedals
black rimtape
quax aluseatpost

Nimbus X:

all stock:
90mm cranks and KHE Stimulatorz (good for hockey)


the hub was build by a friend of mine
Onza 2003 cranks 145mm
V!Z rim
TryAll Slick
rusted frame (Onza 2003)
Vitelli Race seat and seatpost


what shim did u use to make the qu-ax seatpost fit?

the one Roland gave to me :smiley:

its a 27.2 to 25.4 i think

Here is mine - pretty basic.
Nimbus Trials
Luna tire
Green dice valce cap…

Pretty darn awesome unis here so far, but VARIETY would be a damn awesome thing.

I’m thinking of:

Proper 20" wheel STREET unis
Onza unis

Maybe some one post pics of high end stuff with Thomson posts and SW carbon bases? Possibly also, I’d like to see someone here with an XTP or a uni with Tensile cranks?

anyways, has anyone here tried any of the above compoennets?

True Street

Now this what im talkin about!:

agentQ’s uni!

Frame- Koxx DH Pro Street
Hub- KH Moment white
Cranks- KH Moment 125mm
Rim- Primo Hula Hoop
Tyre- Sweetskinz 20x2.25
Saddle- KH Fusion Street with carbon base
Post- Steel
Seatclamp- 24 Cockring

seeing as Peter’s not around for a while, I may as well put his ‘effort’ up:

he thanks

Just email Roland from
He has them (only not on his site yet)

Peter M


Lol, posted before I saw the post of Sponge.
I’m back now, PC was “defect” for a while :stuck_out_tongue: