The Official Trials/Street Unicycle pictures thread

Alrite folks, I’d like to see all of your trials/street unis, and it’d be nice to post to a spec of it too, and maybe a few sidenotes!

The last pics thread i made died quickly and didn’t feel so great. Feel free to post pictures of your uni that you posted in my previous pics thread.



Might as well…

Frame- “The Ti”
Hub- Profile
Cranks- Profile 145mm
Rim- Alex DX32 red powdercoated
Saddle- Kris Holm Fusion Street
Seatpost- aluminium reinforced 27.2
Seatclamp- McRandom
Pedals- Odyssey JC unsealed
Tyre- Maxxis Creepy Crawler

Random fact: completely free of Koxx-One.

Also, I’d like to thank:
Isaac LeMasters- for providing me with this old girl.
Nick Banks- for machining out my lollypop holders, they work perfectly in conjunction with the crankks and rest of the uni!
Mark Coleshill- for taking the time and effort to dig out a very essential little component for me.

and anyone else who gave me advice on fixing its problems along the way! (yes, you know who you are!)

^Anyone up for a bit of Painkiller/Jump n Twist, and the remixes? Vinyl sounds so much better than mp3!

should call that one the Ti Fighter. cool name in my oppinion.

sick. hows it ride?

I only built it up properly an hour ago, had a 3 minute dabble on it. Very nice and smooth, no creak or clonking, JOY!

right crank is bent a bit… ala the combined efforts of Zack + Isaac + regular big drops. Meh, it still works, so I ride.

i would be surprised if the cranks weren’t bent after zack and isaac got through with it.

wow nice uni there, keep em coming folks

Learn your three “R”‘s: Rockin’ Radical Radial! :sunglasses:

No offense Terry, both your unicycles are really cool and all but I believe the title of this thread was “The Official Trials/Street Unicycle pictures thread” and so far you’ve uploaded a muni and a 36".

O GEEZE! Sorry about that. At least I have time to delete the last one. Whoops!

i would put money that he rides the coker on the STREET.

Haha yeah, I ride both muni & coker on the street as well as offroad.:slight_smile:

Quax frame
Kris Holm Moment cranks
Quax ISIS splined hub
Kris Holm Fusion Street Saddle
Snafu pedals
Maxxis Creepy Crawler Tire (not in the pic)
Quax BX38 rim
quax reinforced seatpost
quax seatpost clamp


can you send me a link for where to get the seat post?

not my uni, but this one looks nice.

Koxx-One Orangebud saddle
Koxx-One Reinforced Seat Post
Koxx-One Devil Frame w/ Orangebud Stickers
Try-all Reinforced Rim
Koxx-One Street Cranks
Try-all Red Label Pedals
Orange Pedal Protectors
Try-All Sticky Tire

owned by Det-riot

^^ nice but red pedals with orange rim = bad

my uni just finished putting seatcover and new rimtape on this morning. My flat mate had a camera so :

Spec: (cheers sponge for the layout :P)
Frame- Koxx devil (black) with orange spraypaint + clearcoat
Hub- Koxx reinforced
Cranks- Koxx reinforced 140mm
Rim- Try-all 19" drilled with onza black rim tape
Saddle- Koxx devil foam with KH fusion cover and hopefully tmrw (i need to borrow a drill) carbon fibre seatbase
Seatpost- crmo 27.2
Seatclamp- koxx double clamp
Pedals- Gusset Trials protector magnesium
Tyre- Maxxis Creepy Crawler

(damn should have thought about where the photo was gonna be hosted now i got to upload them somewhere…)

(btw i’m interested in getting a link as to where to buy the new qu-ax seatpost with that gusset in europe)

lol, i had red pedals on there cause black was sold out. thanks for posting it for me manicpanicmuni :smiley:

Hehe no probs Det-riot. I just wanna shift over some of the trials/street unis from my last thread.

Here’s Piglet’s KH 2007!

keep 'em coming folks!

The Boz’s uni!

Frame- White Russian
Hub- Koxx Reinforced
Cranks- Koxx Reinfoced 125mm
Rim- Try-All green
Saddle- White Widow
Seatclamp- Koxx white
Post- Try-All
Pedals- standard Black
Tyre- Try-All