The Official Mike Swarbrick appreciaton thread

This is the official thread of appreciation, to Mike Swarbrick of Gaylord Spazmotron fame.

Not only can he triple back flip, he lent me a pair of socks last weekend, and drove me to his house to get them, via a handbrake turn in a car park!

This guy is a legend, and you know it. You may have seen the videos, but now see him in real life, as he is rumoured to be appearing at Wunschkonzert.

We love you Mike!


its the triple backflip part that gets me!

We do indeed!

Handbrake turns aye?

EDIT: Joe, I’ve just realised. You were coming past us and you never dropped in to say Hi! Well, you won’t be invited to the back of our van at the next NUTs meeting :stuck_out_tongue:

Its the lending of the socks thats truley incredable :astonished:

Hi Mike.

Appreciatin’ :wink:

Mike is a great guy, that’s for sure.
He knows how to make fun.
Plus his triple backs are so cool.
We will meet again at Wunschkonzert :wink:

Peter M

You know… I don’t like him.

-Shaun Johanneson

p.s. For people of WUKO the movie was made before this thread. You’ll get it when you see it.

Mike Swarbrick is the man!

He helped me patch six holes in my inner tube! Without him I’d still be sitting on the floor, crying in a hostel in Copenhagen.

And, thanks to him, I’ve got Gaylord Spazmatron written on the side of my helmet! Just so that I can celberate the man each time I ride!

Mike is the best! I love him!

The annoying thing is, he’s actually in his forties.

Yeah, cool, put me down for half a dozen of those Bike Seablock things too. They’re awsome.


Haha, he said Gaylord.

Haha you too :astonished:

I want to know if he has a relative called Rebecca who works in Liverpool.

Guys, guys wait…theres a buch of brown on ur noses.


Can’t be, just had a shower :roll_eyes:

Peter M


I might try to touch your hot bottom at Wunschkonzert.

  • Hot Horst

You’ve obviously never met the man…
the icon…
the legend that is…
Mike Swarbrick.

And your world is poorer for it.

wow, you’ve go tot be kidding me.
my god kids, you don’t have to suck up to him…he’s a good rider, but come on.

for the record, i do admire his tricks and innovations…inspired me to land a double back flip.

You’re missing the point.
It’s not about the tricks.
It’s about the socks.