The (Non)Official 06 Moab Weather Thread

Now’s the time to start speculating on weather conditions next weekend. If you go to’s Moab Weather page, they are starting to talk about next weekend. It’s a good thing we’re not riding this weekend!
Right now they’re predicting good weather, if on the cool side, for Friday. You may not need as much water for the rides, but make sure you bring a jacket for when we stop to take breaks!

For those who want second opinions, this forecast doesn’t sound as good… looks nicer, so I’ll go with that forecast. :slight_smile:

it better be nice outside, i have so much snow and cold weather over here that 55 or 60 would be like heaven for me! its like in the 30’s tops over here and sometimes its way lower.

I mostly Just dont want snow, i can take rain…but not snow!

Iam getting really pumped up for this trip! its in only 5 days!! HIP HIP Horray!

It seems likely, given that there are rain showers and low temperatures this week in Moab, that we’ll have some snow on the groun on Porcupine Rim or anywhere else with altitude above Moab. Hopefully not enough to cause a problem; maybe just enough to absorb a fall or two.

or cause a fall or two

I hear ya. It’s in the 30s here with snow and ice as the overall riding terrain. Where there is ground it’s thawing and muddy. So riding in the 60 degree weather and relatively dry ground will be sweet.

When I have been to Moab, the storms come sweeping in and do what they are going to do and leave fairly quickly. Bring a jacket.

I just drove home from work in snow a couple hours ago in Northern Utah. Of course, it could be 65 degrees and sunny tomorrow, with the way the weather has been acting lately.

65 would be heaven compared to here…
no more sleeping under a down comforter, a blanket, two sheets, and a sleeping bag.

ever since got back from Oz, i can’t cope with the cold as well…

Ive got a cabin with space for one more if anyone fells like wimping out

i may take you up on that ben,
but i don’t know where lloyd is planning on camping at.
If we’re there, i may, but i don’t know yet. i’ll ask him later today.
we may already be staying in cabins.

Well, I’m going to be camping this year. I plan to bring a comforter, a blanket, some sheets and a very warm mummy sleeping bag. :wink:

It does get cold at night in Moab this time of year, especially if you are camping.

It’s only cold if you think 36 degrees is cold. :roll_eyes:

But at least the forecast now is calling for mostly sunny weather knock on wood. It looks like we may just luck out again and miss the “lovely” Spring weather we’ve been enjoying here.