The next generation of saddles

Hi everyone,

We have just released information about the next generation of saddles. This is the culmination of a big project. The saddles will be available at the end of July.

Here is a link to our blog with information:


The change in design is a reflection in a change in riding styles, particularly using the hands to grab the seat handle or bar ends. Debate? For this reason, I think beginners, who don’t hold the seat/handle, might not be into flat saddles. I wonder if these saddles are going to be included stock, or as an option, with new unicycles from If I remember correctly, KH unicycles came stock for a year or so with the Zero saddle, but now they’re shipped stock with a more traditional saddle. Too weird for some people?

I use the more traditional Fusion Freeride for mUni/XC. My riding style has evolved into sitting on the back of the seat, with the nose of the seat pointed more upward, and with my hands on the bar ends. So, I don’t really take advantage of the scooped part of the seat, anyway. I find my center of gravity is too far forward when I’m sitting in the scooped part of the seat, and the leverage between my body and hands decreases, as well, in this position. If I had one of the new saddles, I’d still be sitting on the back of the seat, so I’m not sure how different the riding experience would be for me between a scooped and flat saddle, since I wouldn’t be interacting with the center of the saddle, anyway. Regardless, the weight and strength improvements sound great, and when my next saddle breaks, I’ll consider buying the next generation. Thanks for all your hard work, Roger!

Looks really good! Looking forward to reading reviews!

Nice!! It looks like just the right amount of curve, which is very little. Awesome!

Roger, which colors will be available ?
Is it compatible with KH T-bar ?

Note to self:
The Hatchett frames are likely to arrive in the same shipment.
Keep calm and wait patiently until the end of July for the UDC lorry load of new toys to arrive.

lots of different colours and designs coming. No more than before, but our range is quite large!

Maybe I missed it but how does the foam density and thickness compare to current saddles?

I’m excited about this.

I didn’t say. :-p

It depends on which model. As the base is diffent the sizes and densities don’t directly relate.


Yes it fits the t-bar. Same bolt pattern.

Will thees be available to purchase at Unicon?

It seems like they will be.
You’re taking part?

If my uni makes it there in one piece I’ll hopefully ride the 10k & Marathon as the lanterne rouge. Will you be there?

They look really nice. Look forward to hearing ride reports, including comparisons to the KH Zero!

Since Unicon was mentioned, will there be any at the NAUCC to look at?

Let me ask this then, is the seat soft or hard?

I like flattened Freeride’s. I’m hoping this is basically that without having to tear apart the saddle and flatten it and blah, blah, blah.


We won’t do the whole 2 weeks, but we’re trying to include Unicon in our road trip. Probably won’t be able to take part in any competition, but will be happy to meet people IRL!

The new saddle looks good. I love Nimbus stuff, but when will we get a better seat handle?

I would like it to be a little bit bigger so it fits a normal hand (maybe different sizes?). It should be stiff and shaped so it would be comfortable to grab it from a sideways angle (which will require a left and right version). I would like to be able to use the brake with my index finger without having to move my hand. Maybe it could also be designed to protect the brake lever? Thank you.

Doesn’t it say that there will be two new handles. A short one that is closed, and a longer one with an opening. Also, it saysthat the wall between the grip, and the base has been removed to make it more comfortable to hold on the side. I guess we’ll have to wait and see how it works, but it sounds like a step in the right direction.

The longer one with the opening looks like the same one they have now on the standard Gel saddle. The new shorter one looks more stout for Muni or if you run a handlebar pretty close to the saddle you can still use the saddle grip for mounting, etc.

I would welcome a few more handle options with open arms. Something as a lite alternative to a full handlebar would be very awesome. Just needs a little more length than the standard plastic grip.

Anyway, what UniMyra was talking about is something like this:

it doesn’t need to be carbon fiber obviously, but something that shape as an alternative to the standard handle wouldn’t be a bad thing. Personally I like having the symmetrical grip, but I can see the benefits of an asymmetrical one for Muni.