The next EMu outing is...........

The Singlespeed Nationals and Europeans
June 7/8

I’ll have more details on entry in a week or two.

Anyone else up for showing them how to do it?


Apparantly they’re re-introducing the 5 pint rule this year so heavy drinkers only need apply :slight_smile:

There’s definitely a time penalty if you’re not riding with a hangover

I’ll almost certainly be there.

also, it’s a bit short notice, but not this weekend but the next (Sat 10th May / Sunday 11th) I’m doing some riding out on the North Downs, if anyone is interested. Depending on the riders / transport available, it’ll either be a session based ride, driving to different trails, riding them a bit, or a monster ride taking in all the trails if we don’t have transport or feel intrepid. Suitable for beginners if you’ve got a vehicle, or someone has space in a vehicle for you, or quite fit riders otherwise. There’s a campsite / youth hostel (booking information here ) at Holmbury St Mary in case anyone fancies staying over and riding both days. There’s also a yha at tanners hatch which is an okay second choice but not quite so central if that one happens to be full.

If you only want to come one day, then make it the Saturday if possible as I might go trailbuilding on the sunday if there’s no-one else around.

There’s loads of top trails out this way, and they’re in the best condition they’ve been in for years with the weather at the start of the year, I’ve also got a pretty good idea of where everything is in the area, so there’s no messing about riding wide easy paths, it’s possible to string together a lot of technical riding into a relatively short ride.

It’s also well easy to get to from London and the south (train / drive to Dorking).

Mail me ( ) if you’re coming (or phone/text 07905 696 427) and I’ll sort out a meeting up point