The New Uni Plan

I doubt this will work, but its my current plan.

Currently, I have a 24" Torker LX.

First: I plan to get a nice MUni frame with break mounting gear and hook it up to my Torker tire and saddle

Second: Get some Magura HS-33s off eBay. I will probably have to buy in a pair, but too bad; I don’t care. I’ll hook that up to my new frame

Third: Get a MUni splined full wheelset. A big fatty tire.

Fourth: Get a new saddle for the MUni. Now I have one uber cool unicycle, and a torker to loan to friends that wnat to try.

So, the question for you uni-geniusses. Will it work? And: What frame should I look at?

A lot of logo competitions to win till I could get this done. Lol, 14 year olds dont get much of an income.


PS: When I say will it work, I mean will everything be compatible with all the new gear?

short ancer yes

yea it will work but why not just get a new uni from the start? yer prety much doing that but it might cost even more than just buying a full uni.

thats wrong you can get all the parts that make up the new kh muni for almost 100$ less

Where are you going to buy a new KH frame?

Darren Bedford will be selling the frames individually soon.

why do you want a new frame first?
a wheelset is the integral part of the unicycle
i’d do it the ALMOST opposite direction, except a KH wheelset won’t fit nicely into a torker frame
i think the torker frame is fine for strength, but the rim/axle/cranks suck, so i’d get a new wheel first
in fact
i’d save up for the whole KH muni (like i did after killing my torker lx)
i split the price w/ my parents for a b-day present (i’m 14, i could’ve afforded the whole thing and more, but wanted to save money) that approach might work for you if you have a b-day in the next 3-5 months, just ask for an “early b-day” present

yea but a KH is 520 so $100 less= 420 the hub and frame and rim and tire must = more than 420$

forgot about the fusion seat

Frame: $210

Wheelset: $259

Seatpost: $22

Saddle: $54

About $10

eBays prices will vary insanely. Theres a $30 knex set up there right now i might because its only at a penny. I don’t think anyone has seen it, lol.

Anyway, MUni NO BREAKS will cost about $555. Im looking at the KH 05 Freeride for $520, but I don’t see a way of adding breaks. Sooo, is that right? And is all this planning right? Will this be better than the 05 freeride? Am I forgetting any parts?


The first two items are last years KH products.

Just buy a full KH 2005 and youll be much happier.

I’m pretty sure the freeride has brake mounts and you can see them in the pic plus it has the extension on the seat post for the brake-lever.

A new wheelset will run you a bit more, but the new frame, when it comes out, will be around $125.

how much longer for the new frame do you think?


you dont buy the wheel set you have to build it yourslfe if you want it to be cheaper

If anything, ditch the frame. Unless your old frame is cracked or horribly bent, you don’t need a new one! Don’t listen to the component-whores who just want to look trendy, go for functionality (over blowing wads of cash) and if you want a new look, just paint the thing yourself!

And if you’ve never built a wheelset before I’d recommend buying it assembled. It’s worth the extra dough (and it’s not all that much more) to have something you know is built correctly and will stay true longer than if you cobbled it together yourself. Save the “intro to wheelbuilding” for your backup uni (if you’ve got one), or practice on a b*ke wheel first.

Oh, and post pics when you’re done! Make jagur jealous!

But its an LX, with virtually no extra tire clearence.

Re: The New Uni Plan

“unicyclepa” <> writes:

> you dont buy the wheel set you have to build it yourslfe if you want it
> to be cheaper

Don’t be so sure. Machine-built wheelsets are often priced lower than
the sum of the parts that go into them. From, I can buy
a 2004 KH wheelset for $259. It costs a few dollars more to piece one
together from parts (though you’ll have a better product with 2005
KH/Onza hub and cranks).

Build a wheel from parts for the experience, the satisfcation, the
custom selection of parts, etc. To save money, go with a KH wheelset
(but be sure to tension and stress relieve it to improve quality).


well than im rite and it would be more to buy the whole wheel set