The new "Things you CAN'T do on a UNI" List


> And since you’ve already observed Mr. Frank Birdsall doing something like
> this, it would be nice for you to comment here HOW FAR HE RODE THAT CURIOUS

I don’t remember, but it was definitely far enough to prove he was in control of
it. Halfway across the gym or something. I also don’t remember if he dismounted
in front of the audience or went back out of sight, where he started.

Correction on my original description – I think there were about half a
dozen seat post extenders on there. Enough to equate a typical pair of
painters stilts.

> Finally, If you don’t mind, I’d like to add that picture of Sem and his "no
> -feet" coasting stunt to The new “Things you CAN’T do on a uni” List. As you
> mentioned in the


> We can put it at #5 cuz it’s the latest, or at #1 cuz it was “The First?” What
> do you think?

I think you’re in charge of all thos difficult creative decisions for
this list :slight_smile:

John Foss, the Uni-Cyclone

“Lay down – I think I love you” - Bumper sticker seen in Sacramento

The new “Things you CAN’T do on a UNI.”

  (latest update 4/12/2000)

**** Call for pictures / drawings …

  1. Last month Rick Bissel (or his kid) challenged our imaginations with talk of
    someone actually building and riding an “Ultimate Giraffe.” I believe his
    zany idea was inspired by a drawing from the the all-time classic children’s
    book “Go Dog Go!” by P.D. Eastman, which on page 7 depicts a Dalmation riding
    a Giraffe Unicycle in the normal way, but without support from any seat or
    seat post.

** I have scanned this drawing for inclusion on the List which should “soon”
appear at <UNICYCLING.ORG> Anyone have any other ‘posed’ shots of this?

  1. Then John Foss chimed in with the idea of “Wheel walking” a BC wheel. I
    assume that this wheel would be of “normal” cycle tire width, and not a wide
    stone wheel as would be seen in the “Real B.C.” comic series.

** We need someone to stage a good “Picture” of this, or send in a clever /
humorous rendering.

  1. Then Ken Fuchs spoke of a “B.C. Giraffe,” and even submitted a “picture” of
    one :wink: circa 1876 from Korea??

** We’ll also need a “Picture” / clever rendering of this one too.

  1. One Foot riding of an “Ultimate Wheel!!!” This requires that the non-riding
    foot be extended into the air, or at least NOT be touching or dragging
    anywhere on the “ULTI.”

** Certainly there must be good “Pictures” of this stunt floating around already
… who’s got one?

#1) 0r #5) ** Borrowed** from John Foss’ “Things Not to do” Page: Sem
Abrahams “Coasting with no feet touching the unicycle.”

** With John’s approval, will borrow his photo of Sem. Nice, clever color
rendering would be cool too!!

Yes, there have been many other clever ideas submitted too, which deserve credit
and should be put on a different list such as :

The “Things that might have been done once, but the “Rider” didn’t survive the
dis-mount” List.

           or simply:

The “Freakiest Possible UNI TRICKS” List.

So, even IF (according to John Foss) your twisted idea HAS been done by some
prior Fearless God of our sport, it might still qualify for admission to
“Another” list …

So keep those twisted UNI BRAINS rolling, and give us your ideas for new
additons to the list/s.


P.S. Truly looking for some artistic character / characters to submit clever
drawings of the “Impossible” stunts mentioned above!