The new Schlumpf 36er in a Nimbus frame is here

My new Schlumpf / Nimbus 36er is finally here:D
Figures as soon as I got it put together it started raining, but I still got in one lap around the block and I have to say pedaling in geared mode is different… But I cant wait to get some more riding in and eventually attempt to shift on the fly.

Wow, that’s quite a beast! It looks awesome. Congratulations :slight_smile:

Gotta name it…how about The Blue Streak!

Hey any chance you could get a pic of the torque arm bolt attachment from the inside? I’d like to know if there is a spacer between the arm and the frame hole.

Yes, there is about a 3/8 to 1/2" spacer

Dude…that’s awesome! Enjoy. Looking forward to a ride report.

Can you share the history of how it came to be? Was this something UDC put together, or Schlumpf? Or did you buy the frame and wheel separate then get someone to get them to fit together?

I don’t like the Schlumpf frame, particularly the squared crown, so this is an idea I find VERY interesting.

There will be. The plate is on the outside of the V tubes, and even a standard Schlumpf frame has a spacer;

I’d like to see an end-on shot though showing how the frame designed for an extra wide hub fits a narrower than standard hub.


Robert – that is sooo cool! I’ll have to make a trip out to see you just to try riding it! I really want to make one of these beasts, and I would love to see how it rides.

Is his standard hub splined? I may wait and get the KH version (for strength…i tend to break things).


I am confused. is that a regular nimbus frame with a schlumpf wheel? If so can it be done to any N36? Please reply!!!

answers in that thread.

You can put the schlumpf hub into the N36 frame. I believe that he got Roger to build it for him in the UK and then shipped it over. I could be wrong though. I am pretty sure someone outlined his ordering process in that thread though.

no it’s sqaure taper, if you’re going to beat it up i really would get the KH version

That’s what I thought. I’m tired of breaking/bending cranks on my Coker.


I emailed Roger back in Feb. about the Nimbus frame accomodating a Schlumpf hub in which he confirmed, so I asked about buying a hub only in which he checked with Florian and was able to get one. Roger then said he had to do a mod to the hub for it to fit the Nimbus frame (not sure what that was) and then had the hub brought to the UDC-USA and they ordered the special length 14ga stainless spokes and built the wheel and modified a Nimbus frame for it all to fit together.
I to do not like the Schlumpf frames so this worked out perfect for me

Yes, the frame had to be modified to accomodate the narrow hub but remember you must modify and keep you bearing holders at the correct angle/straightness to prevent bearing wear

I bend my cranks on my N36 everytime I ride down a stairs (But in my case it is probably cause by my lack of technic) although the Sugino alum cranks I am currently riding on are holding up great.
The Schlumpf cranks look pretty stout
and yes they are square taper cranks

I added some pics of a rear view of the frame, bearing holders & jack shaft alignment.
One thing I did not take a pic of is the inside lip of the bearing holder on jack shaft side of the frame has been ground away to prevent contact with clip/washer between bearing and jackshaft. daytripper63 | Flickr

I have been to busy with family and work to get a GOOD ride in, but hopefully Saturday afternoon or Sunday morning I will get some mileage in and give an update.
But I did get to go around the block a couple times, and I put on all my body armour fearing my first attempt at shifting on the fly aaaannnnd

I DID IT! I am 3 for 3 on the Up-shift :smiley:
1 for 2 on the down-shift
You know if I wasn’t all armoured up I would have bailed hard. murphy’s law

Robert, it looks great! Bring it to one of our rides soon and let me at it!


Hey, that’s incredibly cool. Looks pretty solid, and those are some sexy cranks. :slight_smile:

BTW, how much did you pay for the hub alone? I just built a 36 with a Nimbus frame (specifically so I could upgrade to a geared hub) and after only 20 miles, I’m ACHING for a gear! 15mph just isn’t fast enough…

I’ve got 3 water bottles on mine and a speedometer on it now, and it really feels like a road machine…

I’m wanting to wait for the geared splined KH hub, though, because I really want to be able to muni with it. (You feel so invincible on a 36…)

Good job! I had a little trouble at first figuring out shifting with 150mm cranks on Joe Marshall’s Schlumpf, but once you get it down it feels so cool! I found that shifting with shorter cranks was much easier for me (125mm) on the 29er Schlumpf. I haven’t tried shifting on a 36" Schlumpf though!

Downshifting was harder for me to learn than upshifting. Ugh, I am so jealous of you and your new unicycle! I need a Schlumpf!

wow i really want one. I need to get a job. It looks so nice

Is about £900 last I looked so something around $2000.


For the hub alone? £890 will get you the complete unicycle!