The new Qu-Ax Air Saddle

Anybody seen this new saddle from Qu-Ax? It’s not actually an “air” saddle as in using air instead of foam, but see for yourself here. Would be really interesting to try one, I have some doubt about the rail mounting system though. Attached pictures are from




That looks like it would be really comfy for distance.

I wonder when we will see it for sale in the U.S.

in about 4 months

I wonder how light/strong it is? It’s probably lighter if its got that big hollow part. Anyone else think that that hole could be modified for a really cool SIF handle?

We don’t really get Quax stuff in the U.S.
Which is sad because they have some nice stuff. I do hope this comes over though.

Personally, I like to get off before I pee, but I suppose if you’re in a hurry…

Some people like the rails, more adjustable. Hopefully they will have a 4 bolt version as well.

Looks interesting and worth a try. My only concern is the amount the nose turns up. Like the Nimbus Gel, that curve means discomfort for me.

It’s generally a bad idea to get off before you pee. :stuck_out_tongue:
But seriously, I just ride backwards if I need to take a wiz on the fly.

I will be getting one of these from their canadian distributer in a week or so : ) it’s to replace my nimbus gel. I’ll make a little writeup on it after I take it for some longer rides.

Sorry for the thread jack but where and who is the canadian distrubutor. ive been trying to find one for a while now and couldn’t cuz i wanna buy the aluminum qx series fork.
and i say a advertisement and review for this saddle in the UNi Mag issue ten i think. its supposed to releive pressure on your sensitive area, hense the whole in the middle and yeah its meant for xcountry MUNI and long distance. apparently it comes with built in rails to or something… this is where I got the saddle from, but they definitely don’t have a full line of products, I would call to see if they can get the frame you want. They have a list of dealers on their site, the US and Canadian are the same.

I didn’t get to read the review, but I was looking for it online.

built in rails was a plus for me, because I’m running a T7 now and don’t want to buy a new seatpost : ) I’m a little worried about how they’re fitted to the seat base, but I guess I’ll see when it gets here, looks like it mounts into just plastic from the picture.

just ordered that and a coker pi bar for my nightrider :slight_smile: gonna be such a sweet setup when they get here.

I look forward to your review. I have been contemplating the same set up with the “Air” seat, “Pi Bar”, and “Nightrider.” Depending on color our uni’s may end up looking very similar.

I too ordered a Qu-Ax air saddle and it should be here soon. I am also going to set it up on my Nimbus Nightrider with a Pi bar (which Brycer1968 is going to modify for me a little). I’ll let you know how it goes too.