The new "original style" Roach design...

quite the oxymoron dont you think?

well i saw the newer style Roach armor hanging at my LBS with the “original” logo’s and i just thought i would mention that i think the full Codura backing may be a thing of the past.

the new,labeled as “original style” have the mesh backing the isnt original at all…thank you Race Face :thinking:

the good news is=Roach will be easier to get localy.

the bad news is= the new design doesnt protect the calves as much…

(edit: bc i suck a sp.)

My sponcer shop Bikeline stocks the Roach DH pads and still have a few pairs of the old style roaches. They also have some Sugoi leg armor that look nice. I dont remember the back of them though and if they had full protection or just mesh.