The New MONSTER Muni!!!

:smiley: Well This baby is ready for the 4.0:D

Hot off the press, purely Custom!


More Pic’s


What I named it. :sunglasses:


Here I am the happy camper!


Nice.very nice.Whats the frame,a gb4?Awsome color scheme.
Dont quite get the name though…

Dig the blazing shoes.:stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks to GB4 (Frame which is a prototype) and Surly (Parts) For making the build to go smooth and just what I wanted. They all will have my support for making my dream come true, they were great to work with and went beyond what they had to!:slight_smile:

The name, well its for supper deep snow or sand and mice borrow tunnels though the snow, Hence the name?? you never know I might kill one?

… rotated

Can you take a foto from the front …?

Cuz, are those forks curved inward to fit the hub …?

mmm. god i keep seeing all these delicious Munis… it makes me envious


what kind of rim is that cause that is a nice rim

It looks like a surly.Is it a large marge?

Nice! Do I see Syncro pedals?

ohh the purple profile is way totaly rad off the hook dood! :smiley:

yes you do see syncro pedals… I want some for my b*ke

Purple anodizing can be removed with Easy Off oven cleaner.

:smiley: Thank you

Yes the fork arms are curved to fit the hub properly, Yes its a large Marge 26" W/ a 3.0 Gazz till the 4.0" tire from surly is aval. and the sincros awesome pedals, they feel like velcro.

What gives with the 4 incher from Surly? Gonna be available in a 24 " model? Good for Muni, you think?

And exactly how much are those Sincro pedals?

Your Muni rocks.


Careful dood, yer about to fall through that window :wink:

Nice looking ride!

The pedals are about $185 retail, PM me if you are interested JL :slight_smile:

The 24" will be available in about 4 weeks, and I am currently taking orders if anyone is interested.

I really like the seat tube sticker – where’s that from and what does it signify? Can we get a close up?

Beautiful! What is the spacing of the fork legs where they meet the crown (inside to inside)? Do you hit your legs at all on the outside of the crown?

I’m currently planning an upgrade to my muni (a new custom frame) and I haven’t yet decided whether or not to accommodate a Large Marge and 4" tyre. I don’t like the idea of having to mount the brake bosses further apart which would only fit the LM combo. I’m also a little concerned about the added weight of such a huge wheel.

Let’s hope he doesn’t ride through a puddle of it then. :wink:


How did you get a purple anodised Profile hub, Tigger? Its very cool!