The new magazine: Uni


I only just dusted off my unicycle after it spent the winter gathering dust in the spare bedroom and rode it for the first time this year, for an hour on Easter Monday; I’d forgotten how good that feels!

Re-enthused I decided to have a peek at the forum and heard about this new (?) uni mag. Is it any good? Would it be of interest to a relative novice who isn’t too into the technical side of things and can’t do a trick to save her life?



Yes yes and yes. Its a great mag for riders of all levels, imho.

I don’t do trick riding (freestyle/street/trials), and I’m not so interested in gear and stuff, and I’d really recommend uni magazine.

It’s got lots of pretty pictures, and lots of really inspirational stuff about people riding in all manner of places and all different ways. Even with the people doing the silly trick riding, the bits about them and pictures are interesting, but there’s also tons of stuff about proper riding too, and some stuff that’s just plain silly/funny.

I think it could be especially cool for a novice, because you’d get to see people doing things on unicycles that you have no idea are possible, and you might be inspired to go out and do stuff yourself.



I’d second what the other two people have said (is that ‘third’ it or ‘forth’ it?). It’s very worthwhile, whatever level you are. It’s a fantastic quality magazine that has a wide range of articles. Even though some won’t be about stuff that you activly participate in, they are still interesting and will open your eyes to what else is going on in the unicycling world.



Okay, thanks folks! I am convinced so I just ordered a copy of issue 3!


Just issue 3? What good is that? There is a nice little article about Beginner Cokering in Issue 2 that you need to read. Written by someone suave and sophisticated.

And then you need Issue 1 as it was the first ever issue of the Uni mag and might be a collector’s piece one day.

Okay, if I like issue 3 I will subscribe.

I am just a little wary as I have subscribed to special interest mags in the past and sometimes been disappointed by the standard/quality of writing. I am sure this won’t be the case with Uni and I am looking forward to receiving my copy!