the new KH frame?

im hearing people talk about the new KH frames. Where is it? is there a site i can see it on? or the whole uni on?

There is no new KH frame(I dont think)just the 05 one mith miner upgredes like lower frame, slightly different frame bottom(were the bearings go).

The new KH frames people are reffering to are the blue '05 aluminuminum ones.

oohh… that expains it

maybe he means the one that has been anounced with the knurled crown? I dont think much more has been said about it.

I have had an email from Kris saying…

Thanks to online sales I typically upgrade the unicycles more than once/year, so there will be some good ongoing changes and improvements through 2006 but no definative “2006 model” available early in the new year.