the new guy

Hello people,

I just subscribed to the mailing list a few days ago and I am now getting
around to writing a short synopsis of me. I am 24 years old, a university
grad in chemistry. I have lived in Africa and South America and I hope to
return at some point. I am an officer in the Canadian navy, which gives me
the opportunity to travel relatively inexpensively ( not counting the mental
anguish). I hope to get the chance to meet other unicyclists this way. As to
how I began to aspire to being a great unicyclist, that is an easy tale.
Last year I took part in the Tall Ship Festival in Sidney Australia. While
wandering the streets I came upon a flea market where my eye just happened
to fall on some juggling balls. In talking to the vender, he offered to show
me how to juggle. An hour and a half later, I walked away, juggling brand
new balls and somewhat lighter in my wallet. Six months later, I was
juggling in the ship's wardroom, much to the chagrin of my executive
officer. I was on the ship in charge of the Swiss Air 111 crash cleanup.
Everyone needs a way to relax. It was there the navigator suggested that I
should get a unicycle and go on the road. I of course thought this a
marvelous idea. A few phone calls later and I again walked away from a
vender, my wallet lighter, but a shiny new uni in tow. Winter came and I was
unable to practice. The snow melted, and I commenced my trials and
tribulations. Three weeks later, I can ride! If only I could control the
direction in which I ride. I have scared many dogs, ducks, and
unfortunately, old ladies. At least they get a laugh out of it! One bonus I
have noticed, young women seem to find me imminently more approachable. I
wonder why that is? Next stop, riding to work in uniform. You're allowed to
bike in uniform, so why not uni! If anyone visits Halifax, Nova Scotia
Canada look me up.

joel kam

RE: the new guy

On Saturday, April 24, 1999 9:00 PM, joel kam [] wrote:
> Next stop, riding to work in uniform. You’re allowed to bike in uniform,
> so why not uni! …

A few years ago there was a guy (on this list if I remember rightly) who was the
CO of a USAF base and who used his uni to get around the airbase. I wonder if
he’s still about?

What’s it like to ride your uni onboard ship (if you’d originally learned to
ride on board ship then I’d be really impressed). The closest I’ve got is
riding in a lift (US elevator). It’s an interesting experience when the lift
accelerates and decelerates - well worth trying.

Working at the grand opening of a shopping centre with a friend a couple of
years ago, we also wanted to try riding up the escalators. But the security
guards wouldn’t let us.

Danny Colyer