The new guy wants to know what is a COKER??

I am guessing that is a unicycle that is used for road travel??

On a side note, The new guy has about 2 hours on the 09 Torker. It taught me to ride the full length of my driveway and 2’ into the street. I did this twice and I am happy with that. ( My driveway is about 100’ long.)


A coker is a particular brand of unicycle with a 36" tire - used for distance riding. Sometimes the term is used to indicate any unicycle with a 36" tire (much like people say “kleenex” for any brand of facial tissue or “Coke” for any brand of cola).

Welcome new guy!
Kerv gave you a fish, which I’m sure was quite tasty even if a little lean of meat.
But you can also fish for yourself.
I went to and typed coker unicycle into the search box. The top link that was returned was for Coker Cycle Company, and when I clicked on that, up came nice glossy photos of both the current Coker unicycle models, with the ability to click through and get key stats on size, weight, etc., accessories, and price. Very meaty, and just two words and two clicks away.
This site also has a search feature (top right), although as you might expect with a generic term like Coker it returns a lot of hits. But when I got a bit more precise by typing in “coker unicycle”, it returned a number of threads that both answer your question, and have some dialog that might be of interest to a new guy.

I’m not trying to harp here and say “always use the search feature first”. Just pointing out that if you’re impatient–like I can be–using Search will give you better results faster, especially for generic questions like you posed. Plus it leaves forum bandwidth for more specific questions, such as “What technique do you use when you fall off a Coker at high speed?” That might be a fun one to pose (after searching to ensure it hasn’t been already, of course). :slight_smile:

Thanks for the fish???
I guess I’m not in Kansas anymore.

I did try a Coker search but left it at that.

Sounds like a cool uni.

Ohh, they are. I had 1 and they are absolute speed machines. :smiley:

careful w/ that 09 torker, i hear it kicked chuck norris’ but.

If you’re new to unicycling it might be difficult to separate the generic from the specific.

My 36" is better than my girlfriend.

Seriously. She gets mad at me because I’d rather spend time with my wheel than with her.

Get the torker 09 on her!

The Coker Company’s main products are reproductions of old style tires. If you have an antique car/truck and want to put authentic period tires on it, you can probably get the newly made tires from Coker.

I think the story is that Coker was making reproduction bicycles with 36-inch tires and from there they branched into 36-inch unicycles.

:thinking: you’ve got the wrong girlfriend.