The new guy can ride up the street now

Hello everyone,
I am pretty happy with my progress and I think you guys and gal are probably the only ones that might give a rip.

It has been 1 week today and I can ride down my driveway, down the street, and half way up the next street. I am going to guess that the total distance might be a football field.

COOL! It sure seemed like I would never be able to do it.


Good for you! Keep it up.

Welcome to the forums, Todd.

Congratulations on your achievement!

Hey, that’s great progress for a single week! How do your legs feel? Or is that next week that they hurt like heck? :wink:

My legs feel good. I think a better seat might be nice tho.

Why do you want a better seat? Is it because you are getting leg rub? (uncomfortable feeling in the inner thighs)

stockstinks-----Do you wear biker shorts? It would save you from having to buy a new seat and get it put on there.

The stock seat feels as if the foam isn’t firm enough and the edges of the seat base is digging in.

Well it has been 3 weeks and I am riding pretty good I think.
I can freemount most of the time and today I rode around the block 1.5 times.

I bought a Kris Holms 2009 freeride saddle last week. It is much more comfortable than my stock torker but it makes the unicycle harder to control.
I am getting used to it tho.

Congratulations to the new guy.