The new French uni magazine!!

The new magazine of the French Unicycling Federation is online!

but sorry, it’s in French:


Re: The new French uni magazine!!

It looks very nice and well put together. You don’t have to apologize for publishing a magazine out of France in French.

Steve Martin was right: those French have a different word for everything!

I can’t speak or read french but it looks fantastic, really professional.

And I’m in it! In the GMTW group photo!

Good effort all round!

I wish I could read french know tho!


Awesome, I’ll have to see if I can get dead-tree copies, it might help get some more Francophones in the BUUC :smiley:
Also, I find I read more French when I’m interested in the topic, and I sorely need the practice :wink:

can someone translate the magazine?

in which language? europanto?

Pour moi, c’est trop difficile a lire… :frowning:

Did Yoggi actually land that whole kinked grind in that picture? That would be crazy. For now, i’ll assume that he got off at the first kink.

Beautiful issue! Congratulations to all involved. I hope you can keep putting them out!

The two railings didn’t join up, the railings were just over the steps.

He did grind both of them tho!

A video of GMTW which features the grind(s):

Its 18.8mb, and the grind is about 4 minutes into the video.

Or, if you like, I’v made a tiny video of just the grind (cos I’m bored again!) and posted it in the gallery at:

I’ve never seen anyone else start a grind the way Yoggi does but it seems to work fine for him!