The new flip standard?

In your mind what is the new stardard for flips. About 5 months ago I thought one must know flips and backflips, now i’m leaning more to 180flips and 180backflips. Just curious to what’s on your mind. ( I’m really bored this late night sitting at home, so i’ve started three new threads. )

-Shaun Johanneson

well its seems more people know only front crankflips. and few (or not as many) only know back or both. i might be wrong but thats what ive seen from many recent videos. maybe a poll?

I think 180flips are the standard. I can do them and I am definately not one of the really good street riders. Backflips…yeah, not very many people do them. I think I want to learn those next.

I learnt front crackflips first… then backflips took me 45 mins to learn… I think anyone who can crankflip can backflip…

I guess I am really missing something then, I can forward flip pretty well but my backflips look like a messed up no footer where the uni shoots out and does a retardly slow half flip.

wow haha… I learnt them static first… with took like 10 mins… just put all the presure on ur backfoot and jump lol

Ok, I will try that tomorrow.

When you say 180flip is that 180 hoptwist flip or 180 unispin flip?
I just flipped a 3 stair set first try and i think i could do a 4 pretty easily. But i cant even half back flip!

180 hoptwist

Hey Shaun, you should try a handflip. I can do and have seen other people do big no footed tire grabs so I was thinking do you think that in your grab you push or pull the tire so it flips then land back on it of course.

I thought of that too, but more like a crankflip tire grab… ouch.

Or a half forward flip, then grab it and flip it back ?

Well I have done crankflip tire grabs where you just do a crankflip and do a tiregrab (so the wheel spins against my hand) but not where the flip actually comes from the tiregrab.