The new Echo Tyre for 19".

Hi everyone, just thought some of you trials and street riders out there would like to know that there is yet another new Trials tyre out. It’s the Echo tyre 19x.2.5 made by Echo BikeTrials, and its just released and available from for £20.

There was once an old Echo tyre with a white stripe, but that got discontinued, and this new Echo tyre came along. it’s plain black like a Luna, but its closest to the Onza Sticky Finger tyre, very very similar. Joe Hodges received his today from Tartybikes, and so far, it seems ok, it’s bouncy, very bouncy similar to Sticky fingers. But the only bad things are that it wears down a bit faster than I expected seeing as its classified as a hard rubber tyre, and that its a completely plain black tyre with no Echo logo anywhere on it. This tyre is NOT a Luna copy, its basically a ‘normal-ised’ Sticky Finger.

Description from Tartybikes

  • New Rear Mod tyre from Echo, based around their popular first model!
  • Loved by many street/urban biketrials riders for their stiff sidewalls and low rolling resistance.
  • Hard compound lasts ages. (doesnt seem like it!)
  • Proven and trusted traditional style ‘block’ tread pattern.
  • Weight 1143g

EDIT: Also, in terms of grip, its not very good at all compared to Maxxis, Tryall, and Monty 2.7! It’s in the same ‘ungrippy’ league as Luna, Sticky fingers, and Monty 2.5 unforunately!

i have the white stripe version, i see no difference. it is a good tire.

Its a shame it wears quick. I could see that being a nice tyre. I think that for street it could be a good tyre, good bounce is good. Could be good for rolling hops.

Thanks for the small review, I’m interested.


The tread pattern looks very much like a Luna. Do you kno if its available in North America?

Thanks you!

i like its rounder profile rather than the sqare like profile of a CC


I hav on of the old white stripe Echo tires and it is not good at all. This tire looks identical. It is light, but it has less grip and bounce than any trials tire I have ever tried. I wouldn’t recommend them, but if you really want to try it I’ll sell you mine for cheap (90% tread IIRC)