The Muni rides again!

Gone were the days of riding my muni over the hills, into the dark past of yore. The muni, it’s glory days stolen from it, was reduced to a simple trek between home and Computer Science, on the far side of campus. It even stopped creaking, as if to say “Please… I’ll be good… just ride me on mud one more time…”

Its pleas went unanswered until today, when I noticed a strip of wooded wasteland off one side of campus. It would take a stronger man than I to not return with the muni, and so it was that I returned sufficiently equipped to blast along a small, faded track from one end to the other.

Oooooooo, it was fun! Recently I’ve been mostly doing trials stuff, but it was a breath of fresh air (ok, and insects, dust, spiders…) to scream along small tracks, over roots, duck under branches and roll down steep drops.

However I really should learn when I’m being blatantly quixotic. When you’ve got a bit of hill so steep you can only just hop up it sideways, covered with some quite hefty roots, low branches overhead and prickly bushes to either side… walk! I’ve got a whole new set of scratches to show that I didn’t…


I shall be returning there again.

Phil, just me

Re: The Muni rides again!

Dust? Have you been transported somewhere exotic? It’s been pissing it down for days over most of the UK. Mud is more the order of the day around here or if you’re unlucky, your own private pool in your lounge.

Might drag myself out at the weekend if the rain lets off just a little. My wife wants to go on a slow, easy cycle ride (to exercise her dodgy knee) and I reckon the unicycle should keep me down to her speed.

Have fun!


Well, okay, not dust. But it wasn’t too muddy… there were some muddy bits but no real puddles; it’s been dry the past couple of days.

Not dust, then, but random other bits of woodland detritus floating around; leaves falling off, twigs flying around after being snapped off my me crashing through them, the like. You get the picture… :slight_smile:

Phil, just me