The most newbish question: how do I assemble my unicycle?

Sorry. I just got my first unicycle. An lx torker. I can’t figure out how to connect the bolts to the bearing cradles. When I start to screw in one, the other pops out. When I do both simultaneously, they are both so loose the support doesn’t feel safe. The instructions are no help because they assume its obvious. Please help and excuse my stupidity. Thanks.

Well you should be able to start all the bolts by hand. First I would turn the Unicycle over hold the nut in place and by hand tighten. After you have them all tight by hand, tighten them but make sure ont to over tighten you want the wheel to still spin.

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It isn’t hard really, make sure the frame is the right way around, left pedal on left crank on left side of the frame, and the seat the right way around. It’s quite straght forwards, and you dont want the bearings clamped too tight. The wheel must spin freely for at least 15 revolutions I think.

The unicycle you get off UDC, how are they shipped? (which parts are in need of assemble, which come together)

basically the wheelset (cranks, hub, tire) , bearing holders and mounting hardware, pedals, saddle attached to seatpost, and frame are the individual pieces that UDC puts into the box.

Thanks for the help. I’ve assembled it. I have one more question. How do I get on it. I’ve lowered the seat as much as possible and it’s still way to big for me. Thanks again.

You’ll probably have to take the seatpost out and cut off the end with a hacksaw. I had to cut about 3-4 inches off of mine.

Yes, cut a couple of inches off the bottom of the post (off the top makes the post useless:D) People suggest using a heavy duty pipe cutter, but a hacksaw and file is much easier in my opinion.

So the wheel set will be all put together? Including lacing and truing, and cranks attached?