the most important part of a unicycle

hello everyone,
i was wondering what people thought the most important part of a uni is.
i think that the seat is the most important because if its not comfortable, u wont sit on it and therefore not ride it.

state the part and reason why



Strength is a big issue in that area.

The rider, hands down. Without it, the unicycle doesn’t do anything.

I agree with that but if you really wanted to get technical I’d say the rim (excluding funky unicycles which use other things such as shoes) because I can’t imagine it would be much fun trying to ride on just spokes. Without hub/cranks you could still have an ultimate wheel.

I’ve seen my Muni ghost ride pretty well down some hills.

In my opinion the frame would be the most important part of the uni, because its what holds everything together. Just like us unicycLERS, this website holds us all together.

BC Wheels?

No frame :slight_smile:


If you got weak cranks, you got a weak unicycle, and a weak unicycle limits your abilities.

Nice counter on that one. i change my mind. the HUB is the most important. Still holds everything together.:stuck_out_tongue:

bc wheels are not unicycles, it was decided by a forum vote, and mass rule states that the cranks are it.

But you would still do actions on the unicycle without the cranks. for example:

        Wheel walk mount and glide everywhere.
        new style of trick unicycle.

Lets see.

It could be the cranks, since you can’t really ride a unicycle without them.
but you need a wheel too, Oh, and the wheel needs spokes, those are necessary. You need a hub to connect the spokes to the rim. Of course you need a place to sit, so the seat is important. You need a seatpost to connect to the seat, which means you need a frame to connect it all together.

Seems like all this stuff is pretty important if you want to have a functioning unicycle.

What he said. I agree

very true.
when one things missing, you really lose everything else

Quite clearly it’s the eccentric nut that connects the saddle to the pedals.

Other than that, I’d say the one thing that can make an enormous difference to a unicycle is a good or poor choice of tyre.

Well you could ride SIF everywhere…

The most important part is the wheel… without the seat u can still ride, get rid of the seat post, you can still ride it, get rid of the frame and it becomes a impossible wheel, get rid of the cranks, you can still ww, pedals, you can still ride a little. Get rid of the wheel and you cant do anything…

Ive ridden unicycles without cranks… You can still do so much. Id say the wheel, but thats not 1 part. Id say the hub. If thats not ther then… Good luck.

I’m afraid it would be quite impossible to ride SIF without a seat.

Ok, it wouldn’t be SIF because there isn’t a seat. It would be seatpost in front.

A while ago there was a picture of a unicycle with scooter handlebars on it, I don’t have it though. That could be ridden “SIF” even though there isn’t a seat.

I’d have to say that most important part is the FUN part…the RIDING!:smiley: